Accelerating Sea-Level Rise. Vacation From Increased Extreme Weather Frequency, Severity, Duration

Accelerating Sea-Level Rise with Increase in Extreme Weather Frequency, Severity, and Duration // Aug 15, 2019

I continue to expand upon my argument that global sea level will rise 7 meters by 2070, as I originally discussed over 5 years ago–in April 2014: ‘Can global sea-level rise 7 meters by 2070?’

An Arctic Blue-Ocean Event (BOE) that is very likely by 2022 will cause very large Arctic warming. With no sea-ice left to melt, we lose our Arctic “refrigerator” and all that previous “latent heat” will now be “sensible heat” jacking up temperatures. This will further expose Greenland to accelerated, catastrophic ice loss with rapid sea-level rise and abrupt increases in frequency, severity, duration of extreme weather events globally.

Ref: ‘Persistent acceleration in global sea-level rise since the 1960s‘, Dangendorf, Hay, Calafat, Marcos, Piecuch, Berk & Jensen:

Previous studies reconstructed twentieth-century global mean sea level (GMSL) from sparse tide-gauge records to understand whether the recent high rates obtained from satellite altimetry are part of a longer-term acceleration. However, these analyses used techniques that can only accurately capture either the trend or the variability in GMSL, but not both. Here we present an improved hybrid sea-level reconstruction during 1900–2015 that combines previous techniques at time scales where they perform best.

‘We find a persistent acceleration in GMSL since the 1960s and demonstrate that this is largely (~76%) associated with sea-level changes in the Indo-Pacific and South Atlantic. We show that the initiation of the acceleration in the 1960s is tightly linked to an intensification and a basin-scale equatorward shift of Southern Hemispheric westerlies, leading to increased ocean heat uptake, and hence greater rates of GMSL rise, through changes in the circulation of the Southern Ocean.’

Greenland’s ice wasn’t supposed to melt like last week until 2070‘, by Thomas Mote, Opinion Contributor:

During the past week, temperatures at the highest reaches of the Greenland ice sheet rose above freezing, melting snow at the Summit Station (10,550 feet above sea level) for the first time since July 2012 and perhaps only the third time in the last seven centuries.

Across lower elevations around the margins of the ice sheet, bare glacial ice melted at an unprecedented rate, losing 12.5 billion tons of water on Thursday alone, with daily losses likely exceeding any point in at least the past 70 years.’
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Charleston Bridge Chat on Chinese Hoaxes, Summit of Minds, and Santiago, Chile Climate Conference // Aug 15, 2019

Hello, how are y’all doing? We all need a vacation from climate change from time to time, and this week it has been my turn. I’ve been in Charleston, South Carolina with my family for about a week, visiting the sights and learning the history. People here are extremely nice and friendly, but when asked what I do for a living I replied that people give me money for studying and teaching them all about Chinese Hoaxes. Some folk look surprised, or puzzled, or give me blank stares, while others start to laugh. I immediately know that the latter are the ones who get it and are on my side:)
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Paul’s Vacation Boat Trip 7 Miles Off Charleston, South Carolina: Quirky Video // Aug 15, 2019

Vacation. Glorious Vacation. Pop a Gravol or Ginger Pill and come onboard a boat journey with me on my Charleston road-trip vacation. A quarky video, for sure, I must warn you, with somewhat dubious quality due to wave jumping instability bouncing my iPhone camera. But if you like the ocean, and motion, this is a must see.

  • You see an ongoing dredging operation 7 miles out from Charleston to deepen channels to allow huge new supertankers and cargo ships access to the port,
  • a tugboat heading straight for us to get us to clear off,
  • an enormous container ship passing us generating a bone jarring mini-tsunami wake for us, and much more.

Grab some popcorn and settle in for a whale of a ride:) By the way, when is Tesla going to come out with an electric speedboat??
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Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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1 Response to Accelerating Sea-Level Rise. Vacation From Increased Extreme Weather Frequency, Severity, Duration

  1. Dale Lanan says:

    Thank’s Paul for tapping the idea of the importance of taking a break from climate change once in a while. A vacation is as important as sleep for minds wrapped up in diametric opposition of lights on in the modern world of man that’s built on money moving with liquidity, like ocean currents on a wreck. But for sleep, minds can’t rest and speak clearly for keeping Earth alive.
    But for some the world built on money where the lights of commerce never go out hurts nature on condition of having lived in a world where globalization hadn’t super-sized and gone strange mad.
    What can create a ultimate current to get a shark-jump moved into position to Ocean pH 8.2 with carbonate balance on the mend so sea shore has sea shells for children in peace.
    I think a brass band welcome of Greta and cure for ailments.


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