Albedo Not Tomato, Potato, Keto, or Waco

All about Albedo & Arctic Darkening: Snow, Ice, Clouds, Open-Ocean, Sun Angle // Aug 3, 2019

I continue chatting about Albedo (reflectance) and how the Arctic is rapidly darkening. By assumption, when people talk about albedo it is for:

  • Diffuse unpolarized light (such as from a light bulb vs a laser),
  • For sunlight wavelengths in the visible spectrum, and
  • Normal incidence (light perpendicular to surface).

Without going too much into the physics, I try to give you a feel for how the snow and ice and open water and low sun angle in the Arctic all affect albedo.


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Blue Ocean Event (BOE) Consequences: Key Points to Know // hh

Complete loss of Arctic Sea-Ice has global equivalent heating 0.71 W/m2 relative to 1979:

  • If cloud fraction unchanged (by 2016, we’d already had 0.21 W/m2).
  • If cloud fraction changed to 0% (clear sky) global equivalent heating is 3 times higher;
  • If cloud coverage changed to 100% (complete coverage) global equivalent heating is 2 times lower
  • Since Arctic region is about 1/30 of globe surface area, 0.71 W/m2 globally is actually 21.3 W/m2 of heating concentrated in Arctic.
  • 0.71 W/m2 global heating equivalent would correspond to 1 Trillion tons of CO2 emissions (25 years of present day emissions) or 56.7 ppm

I expect BOE by 2022 or so; risk higher each year.
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Arctic Blue Ocean Event (BOE) Key Points to Know (continued) // Aug 3, 2019

Continues from last video.

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