Life After Arctic Blue-Ocean-Zero: Abrupt System Disruption

What will life be like after Arctic Blue-Ocean-Zero: Abrupt Climate System Disruption // Jul 4, 2019

Blue Ocean Zero (BO-0; first Sept with essentially zero Arctic sea ice) is ever more likely each year. I chat on when it will occur + dire consequences we can expect. BO+2 years will have 3 months ice-free (Aug-Sept-Oct); BO+6 extends to July and Nov; BO+9 will be ice-free year round.

Greenland, alone and exposed, will shed ice like crazy (greatly increasing sea-level rise); the cold centroid will shift from the North Pole to be over Greenland. Jet streams can become quasi-stationary, only shifting with the seasons. Where will we live to avoid the worst; how will we grow food?

[Supplemental ref:  ‘Arctic Sea Ice Volume Variability over 1901–2010: A Model-Based Reconstruction‘, Axel J. Schweiger.  Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle, WA]
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Canada Day Fireworks over Ottawa River // Jul 3, 2019

In Canuckville, we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st, and Ottawa is the place to be. Downtown streets are closed to vehicles, and thousands of people party on the streets.

This year, for the first time, I was determined to get front row seats for the fireworks, The place to be is on the Quebec side of the recently flooded Ottawa River, right next to the Alexandra Bridge. The best seats in the house, since the fireworks are launched off the bridge, at an estimated 60 degree angle, to the west, and the westerly breeze blows many of the ashes right back onto the bridge!

By way of penance for my great enjoyment of the display, I’ll have to study GHG emissions from producing and firing off these type of displays. At least there were no army tanks in downtown Ottawa.
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Fun Video: Experiencing a Storm on Sand Lake in a Boat // Jul 3, 2019

Often people say that my videos are too serious, and I agree, but it is hard to be too jovial talking about Abrupt Climate System Change. On the Canada Day long weekend I was out on the lake on a boat, and a storm visited me.

I could see on my trusty weather app, called RadarScope (check it out; it’s the best), that the tornado warned storm had no actual tornado, and not too much lightning, so I stuck it out, and didn’t hightail it into port. Of course I had to film a video of the storm, for your viewing pleasure, with no narration. The rain was intense, but it was quite calm since surface winds were minimal. Enjoy:)

Fun Video of Windy Storm Number Two on Sand Lake // kk

Not every video I post needs to be on Abrupt Climate Change and extreme weather events unravelling our climate and weather systems. Here, I was out relaxing on a boat on Sand Lake, near Elgin Ontario on our Canada Day long weekend, and a tornado warned series of storms came rumbling through. This video was shot on the water, my second of two, and since my trusty weather radar app called RadarScope indicated no tornado and minimal lightning, I thought that a nice video on this storm was in order; the second storm of five! that came through the early evening of Saturday June 29th. Winds at the surface were strong in this storm, in contrast to my last video where winds very minimal, this storm whipped up a nice surf. Storms, like people, are all different!! Enjoy!
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