Game of Risk: DC Submersion, Guadalajara Hail, Planting Glorious Trees, Antarctic Regimens, Arctic Blues

Tiny Blip in Jet Stream Submerges Large Parts of Washington, DC // July 8, 2019

Only a few days ago, America celebrated its July 4th Independence Day, and the government whipped out tanks for Washington, DC festivities. I hope the military hardware was moved, or it may have been submerged today by raging torrents of water from flash floods due to over a months rainfall dropping in a few hours. Perhaps next party, more appropriate military equipment will be amphibians, or boats; heck, maybe even submarines!!
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Our Climate Casino: The Ultimate Reality Game of RISK // Jul 7, 2019

Going to Hades in a Handbasket?? No wall could stop Mexican Hail, over 3 feet deep clogging streets of Guadalajara. European Heatwave broke; new report details climate change root cause. Massive flooding inundated far northern Irkutsk (remember this “Game of Risk” country!); unprecedented numbers/sizes of wildfires scorched many places within Arctic Circle; Baked Alaska had record heatwave; species at risk are migrating; seaweed blooms 5,000 miles long appeared, running from west Africa all the way to Mexico. Eco-anxiety is a public crisis; nice to have company. Mussels cooked in their shells. Sea ice collapsing.
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Game of RISK in Real Life: Abrupt Climate Casino Disruption // Jul 7, 2019

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Regime Change Underway in Antarctica: Isolating Wall Breached // Jul 5, 2019

Since Southern Annular Mode (SAM) wind circulation; also ocean currents circumventing Antarctica appear to have been breached in 2014, there will be profound consequences. Jet streams will further criss-cross the Antarctica Ice Cap, mixing cold dry air with hotter humid air, accelerating sea-ice loss and increasing glacial ice-cap melt and ice sheet calving rates. South Pole warming rates will accelerate to exceed global averages, similar to what has played out and is ongoing in the Arctic. Antarctic Albedo Feedbacks will kick into gear, further disrupting global jet streams.
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Wall Isolating Antarctic Cold, Ice, and Snow Breached in 2014 // Jul 5, 2019

Over the last 40 years, passive microwaves emitted from Earth’s surface were detected both night and day and through clouds (thus in all weather conditions) by satellites sensors, measuring Antarctica Sea Ice extent, concentration, and area cycling up and down throughout yearly seasons, with even greater ranges of variability in the Southern Hemisphere than in the Arctic. Sea ice trended up over the years, reaching a maximum in 2014, but since then has plummeted, likely indicating a tipping point breach of the Southern Annular Mode wall. No, Prez T cannot rebuild it.
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Antarctic Sea Ice Tipping Point Crossed in 2014: Abrupt Climate System Disruption Accelerates // Jul 5, 2019

Up until 2014, strong winds circumventing Antarctica (and resulting powerful circumpolar ocean currents) were a barrier isolating the continent from thermal intrusions. Sea ice pulled away from coastlines more strongly over passing decades by increasing Southern Annular Mode (winds strengths) due to leftward Coriolis deflection. Sea ice extent trended upwards by 1% per decade. Feb 2014 had record high Antarctic sea ice extent. Then the barrier was breached. The average Antarctic sea ice extent plummeted a staggering 2 million square kilometres within 3 years.

To Arctic Blue Ocean Zero and Beyond. What? When? Where? Why? What then? // Jul 4, 2019

If jet streams become quasi-stationary sometime after Blue Ocean Zero, as I contemplated last video, what happens? Living under a trough will almost be stormy and raining; while living under a ridge you will have long duration heatwaves and drought. Neither situation makes it easy to grow food; how will we feed ourselves? Maybe the best place to live would be right under the Rossby wave, in the transition zone. Not at the wave peak, which has extended right up to the North Pole, or at the trough bottom, which has crossed the equator, but perhaps in regions where the wave moves nearly north-south or south-north?
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