Precursor to The Big One in California?


Have you heard of the precautionary principle…

The gas emissions from the major fault-lines in California started on February 25 between 16:00 and 19:00 local time. It is now 5:20 pm PST on February 29th, almost a full 4 days later. Why has nothing appeared in the Main Stream Media, the USGS, the emergency services, etc. etc.

Nine years ago, a large 7.4 Earthquake occurred in India that had been preceded a week earlier by CO emissions from that fault-line.

By the precautionary principle I argue that it is irresponsible for NASA, NOAA, scientists, governments and everyone else that the public be given this information. Hopefully nothing happens. We cannot predict Earthquakes.

How can it be an instrumentation problem, for 3 different gas measurements, sampled every 3 hours for multiple days. The gas appears quickly in the space of 3 hours, intensifies over a day and then dissipates. It also has spatial structure, appearing in lines over existing fault-lines…

Instrumentation error my arse. Wildfire smoke. Pollution from China. Come on, get a grip. Even Gavin Schmidt, head of GISS is peddling this. Where is James Hansen when we need him

Watch and decide for yourself…
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California Faultlines Rupture Releasing CO, CO2 and SO2 // Published on Feb 29, 2016

On February 25 between 16:00 and 19:00 there appeared to be a rupture of the major faultlines on the West Coast of the US. The gases CO, CO2 and SO2 were measured to skyrocket, stay very high (indicating ongoing emissions) for at least 18 hours and then slowly dissipate. The spatial pattern of the emissions followed the “tuning fork” pattern of the major faultlines.
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Extensive Fault Fracture in California is REAL // Published on Feb 29, 2016

On February 25 between 16:00 and 19:00 local time there was a large emission of gases on the west coast of California. Satellite data for CO, CO2 and SO2 every 3 hours clearly show continued emissions for a day then a decline and spreading of gases.

This is not instrument error. The images clearly show the gases emitted in the spatial pattern of major California fault-lines, including the San Andreas. What does this mean? Not sure, BUT 9 years ago CO emitted in India preceded a 7.4 earthquake by one week. Today is Feb 29, and not a peep from USGS, govt., NASA, scientists…Why NOT??
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The researchers discovered the connection between CO emission and earthquake by analyzing satellite remote sensing data collected around the time when a 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook Gujarat in western India nine years ago killing about 20,000 people and rendering thousands homeless.

Singh said that CO levels were taken by an instrument onboard NASA’s Terra satellite — launched in 2009 — circling the earth in a polar orbit at a height of 705 km. The instrument measures CO concentrations at different heights and also computes the total amount of the gas in a vertical column of air above the earth surface.

Analysis of the satellite data showed a large peak in CO concentrations during January 19 and 20 — a week before the main earthquake event. On January 19, the total CO in the vertical column was also higher than usual. After the 26 January earthquake the concentration of the gas dropped.

According to the scientists, CO gas is forced out of the earth due to the build up of stress prior to the earthquake “influencing the hydrological regime around the epicenter.”
Singh said an anomalous increase in land surface temperature a few days prior to Gujarat earthquake — as inferred from the data of NASA’s other satellite MODIS — is also related to the CO emission. “The increase of column CO and concentrations of CO may have enhanced the land surface temperature,” he said.

“The anomalous changes in CO concentrations prior to the main earthquake event and enhancement of temperature of the earth surface observed from MODIS satellite data give an indication of coupling between land and atmosphere,” the scientists report. Singh said observation by other researchers of a sudden increase in water vapour in the atmosphere and changes in the ionosphere a few days prior to the Gujarat earthquake all seem to be connected.’
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6 Responses to Precursor to The Big One in California?

  1. David Wrathall says:

    Thanks for this Paul.

    You’re right, whatever the cause or future unfolding of this, it cannot be denied as a very significant event worthy of intensive further investigation.

    I guess there is no significant tie in with seismic activity at the time otherwise you would have mentioned this already. Other questions I have are: Is there any evidence of this happening at other times and via the same detectors? If so, what happened afterwards?

    You said in your first video about health effects from CO. Did you find any reports of this from any sources?

    No matter what the answers to these questions, the evidence you already have is incontrovertible.

    Thank you for sharing this. I love your other videos on abrupt climate change too.

    Best wishes

    David Wrathall


  2. anthony boggan sinclair says:


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  4. chavezravine says:

    Might be a good idea not to scare people recklessly. You really risk your credibility with this garbage, in addition to looking like you’re a cheerleader for doom. Honestly. Just stop.


  5. Nemesis says:

    Dear Mr. Beckwith,

    the “measurement” of that massive CO spike over California is based on some erroneous modelling:


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