Oxygen Level Decrease in Air from Climate Change

Oxygen Level Decrease in Air from Climate Change // Published on Feb 26, 2016

Combustion of fossil fuels causes oxygen to decrease in the atmosphere/ocean system. As does deforestation, exponential population growth and phytoplankton loss in the oceans from warming stratification limiting nutrients at the surface. It is often said that the oxygen in every second breath you take is produced by photo plankton, that are the true lungs of the planet. I discuss the extend of the oxygen decrease, which is more than you want to know. Please visit my website paulbeckwith.net and help support my videos/research (self-funded) via the Please Donate tab.
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Catherine McKenna: ‘This is what the Paris Agreement ‎Means For Me‬ // Published on 2/25/2016


Click here for video on Facebook.  Just 0:46 long.

We are in a climate system EMERGENCY. The exponential decline of Arctic sea ice and snow cover is darkening the region leading to increased absorption of sunlight and thus temperature amplification. This lowers the temperature difference relative to the equator making the jet stream get slower and wavier, and slowing the ocean currents.

Jet stream change leads to increased frequency, severity and duration of extreme weather events like extended droughts (California), heat waves and torrential rain events causing flooding (Calgary, Toronto). There is an enormous risk in the Arctic of methane bursts that would dwarf all human emissions since the industrial revolution, rendering human action futile if we pass these tipping points.

Paris was important to initiate the process of slashing global emissions to zero, but is only Leg #1 of a three-leg barstool. Leg #2 is regional cooling of the Arctic to prevent cascading amplifying feedbacks and stabilize jet streams and thus weather patterns. Leg #3 is removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere/ocean reservoirs to stabilize climate and prevent ocean acidity taking out phytoplankton at the base of the marine food web.

A barstool cannot stand with less than 3 legs. We must proceed with all three things as if our lives on this planet depend on it. Because they do.
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