Find Out Soon, How Low Will the Big Arctic Ocean Slushy Go

Paul Beckwith: Post-doom with Michael Dowd // Sep 6, 2020

This conversation with climate systems scientist and abrupt climate change expert, Paul Beckwith, was recorded August 31, 2020.
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Most damaging atmospheric rivers 1978–2017

How Low Will the Big Arctic Ocean Slushy Go; We Will Find Out Very Soon… / Sep 8, 2020

In this third of a new series of Arctic sea ice demise videos I continue to chat about the demise of the big slushy in the Arctic Ocean. I discuss:

  • in detail the recent peer reviewed scientific papers on how Atlantic Water (dense, warmer water a couple hundred of meters below the sea ice) has moved to within 80 meters of the bottom of the sea ice in the Eastern Euro Basin,
  • and will likely keep the ocean from freezing up there in the winter.
  • The heat in their Atlantic Water is enough to completely melt out the entire Arctic Ocean ice three or four times over, as it eventually makes it near the surface over the entire basin.
  • This already happens in the Barents Sea region, and is spreading eastward into the rest of the Arctic.

I am also discussing how the so called “chimneys” where the Arctic Ocean water descends to complete the AMOC (Arctic Meridional Overturning Circulation), and how this process is being disrupted by Atlantification, thereby weakening the thermohaline process leading us closer to a complete shutoff and then redistribution of global ocean circulation patterns. 2020 is continuing to be full of unpleasant surprises for the teeming masses of humanity on Earth.

Ref: ‘Growing underwater heat blob speeds demise of Arctic sea ice
By Paul Voosen. Aug., 25, 2020 , 1:30 PM:

In March, soon after arriving aboard the Polarstern, a German icebreaker frozen into Arctic sea ice, Jennifer Hutchings watched as ice broke up around the ship, weeks earlier than expected. Even as scientists on the research cruise scrambled to keep field instruments from plunging into the ocean, Hutchings, who studies ice deformation at Oregon State University, Corvallis, couldn’t suppress a thrill at seeing the crack up, as if she had spotted a rare bird. “I got to observe firsthand what I studied,” she says.

Risk of Atmospheric River Caused California Megaflood Three Times Higher With Abrupt Climate Change‘, Paul Beckwith video.

Ref 2:  ‘Atmospheric rivers drive flood damages in the western United States‘, Corringham, Ralph, Gershunov, Cayan, Talbot, 19 Dec, 2019.  Link to downloadable PDF is here.

Atmospheric rivers (ARs) are temporally ephemeral filamentary features in the lower troposphere that horizontally transport large quantities of water vapor (on average, more than double the flow of the Amazon River) and can cause extreme precipitation events on west coasts of major landmasses due to orographic lift over mountainous topography.’
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