How Tropical Cyclones, Hurricanes, Typhoons Change the Strength and Waviness of Jet Streams

How Tropical Cyclones, Hurricanes, Typhoons Change the Strength and Waviness of Jet Streams: 1 of 3 // Sep 17, 2020

My main intention in this 3 part video series is to show you how large cyclones (hurricanes, tropical cyclones, typhoons, even medicanes) interact with the jet streams, and can either:

  • Add energy to them (amplify them) or
  • Take energy from them, depending on their size, extent, rotation direction, and proximity to ridges and/or troughs.
  • The modified jet stream (faster or slower; wavier or less wavy; streakier or more uniform)) that results from this interaction then propagates thousands of miles downstream and changes weather there.

Specifically, I show how the strong tropical cyclones that hit the Japan, South Korea region amplified the ridges and troughs of the jet stream, which then propagated downstream over many days and then caused a record breaking weather whiplashing from record warm temperatures in parts of Colorado to freezing temperatures and even snowfall.

It is clear that the jet stream, which guides storms, can have high amplitude ridges and troughs that can break off the jet stream (cutoff lows, for example) generating cyclones, and now it should be clear that cyclones can themselves modify the jet streams by interacting with them.

Yes, the dog wags it’s tail, but clearly the moving tail can also wag the dog!!

Ref:  Suddenly in Second Place, 16 Sept, 2020, NSICD.

In the first week of September, sea ice extent took a sharp downward turn, exceeding the pace of decline for any previous year during that period, and placing the 2020 sea ice minimum firmly as second lowest—after 2012—in the 42-year continuous satellite record. Pulses of warm air from north-central Siberia are responsible for the late downward trend. Sea ice decline has slowed in the past few days, and the annual minimum is imminent.’
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In front of a small bookstore in Perth, Ontario

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Perfect example of a tipping point,
in more ways than one:)

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