Rising Risk, Global Methane Budget: No Methane Bomb in Arctic YET

Global Methane Budget: No “Methane Bomb” in the Arctic YET. Risk is RISING // Jul 27, 2020

The latest science on the Global Methane Budget was recently published in a landmark paper authored by over 70 multidisciplinary scientists. No methane bomb has ignited yet in the Arctic; for latitudes 60 to 90N methane emissions are 4 percent of the total budget as of 2017.

  • About 2/3 of methane emissions are from latitude 90S to 30N, mostly from tropical equatorial regions.
  • The remaining 1/3 of methane emissions are from latitude 30 to 60N. Atmospheric methane concentration is rapidly rising, mostly from 2 sources; namely from agriculture and fossil fuels.

Ref:  Global CH4 Monthly Means.

Global Methane Budget: Rapid Atmospheric Methane Rise Mostly From Agriculture and Fossil Fuels // Jul 27, 2020

Recent papers on the Global Methane Budget are vital reading. Atmospheric methane concentration is rapidly rising from 2 main sources; namely agriculture (mostly livestock) and fossil fuels (mostly fracking).

Two basic approaches to study methane exist;

  • 1) Bottom Up (BU) – individual gas sources are summed up to get total emissions, and
  • 2) Top Down (TD) – satellite based sensors measure the atmospheric methane in columns of air and sum the individual readings to get a total.

Since the start of the industrial revolution in 1750 the cumulative methane forcing is about 25% of the total, which is dominated by CO2.

Ref:  Global methane levels soar to record high, 14 JULY 2020.  Quirin Schiermeier
Ref2:  Methane Tracker 2020.

Ref3:  Increasing anthropogenic methane emissions arise equally from agricultural and fossil fuel sources.
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