Change in Jet Stream Driving Abrupt Climate Change


Jet Stream Change Driving and Responding to Abrupt Climate Change: Part 1 of Many // Jun 16, 2020

Throughout Earth history, physical changes in the jet stream (location, speed, waviness, width, etc.) have been vitally important for our weather and climate systems.

  • When a large quasi-stationary ridge forms west to east air flow and weather systems are blocked, causing extreme weather (heat waves; droughts under ridge; torrential rains; floods in adjacent troughs).
  • Climate models don’t agree on jet stream changes in the future as climate change rapidly accelerates.

In these videos, I discuss the overall picture of jet streams and then delve into the latest peer reviewed science on jet stream behavior.

Ref:  Carbon Brief, ‘Jet stream: Is climate change causing more ‘blocking’ weather events?‘  Robertt McSweeney, 12.06.2020:  ‘The past few months have seen some remarkable weather, from the UK’s sunniest spring on record to Siberia’s dramatic heatwave and “zombie wildfires”.

Ref2:  Jet Stream, A Journey Through our Changing Climate, Tim Woollings:

A fascinating introduction to the jet stream, providing insight into how it affects our weather, and how it relates to extreme weather events.  Underlying science is built up as the story follows a weather balloon as it rides the jet stream around the world.  An engaging blend of scientific writing and insightful historical and cultural contexts.
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