Security Threat Assessment of Global Climate Change

Chat on Hard-Hitting New Report: “A Security Threat Assessment of Global Climate Change”: 1 of 2 // Mar 7, 2020

A new report called “A Security Threat Assessment of Global Climate Change” came out last month, produced by a National Security, Military and Intelligence Panel on Climate Change, within The Center for Climate and Security.

I discuss the key points for each of the two warming scenarios:

  • in the near term with 1-2 C of warming, and
  • in the medium-long term with 2-4+ C of warming. Impact threats to society are already very high, and soon to be catastrophic, according to this hard-hitting report.

HOW LIKELY WARMING SCENARIOS INDICATE A CATASTROPHIC SECURITY FUTURE‘:  click here, to download full 86 page file, or read only format off of web, here.  From February 2020.
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A Security Threat Assessment of Global Climate Change; also Coronavirus Growth Rates: Part 2 of 2 // Mar 7, 2020

I continue my chat on the dire report: A Security Threat Assessment of Global Climate Change. I then discuss how China went from 278 cases of COVID-19 to 80,000 cases in 45 days.

If USA growth rates are similar, 401 cases today would grow to about 80,000 cases by April 21st. Growth rates in different countries can be similarly estimated, allowing you to project and prepare for what will likely happen; much variation between different countries depends on resources and actions. Some epidemiologists think 20-60% of the global population will be infected.
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