Climate Catastrophe Warning in J.P.Morgan’s, Risky Business – Climate and Macroeconomy

Climate Catastrophe Warning in J.P.Morgan’s: Risky Business: the Climate and The Macroeconomy: 1 of 2 // Feb 24, 2020

…it is clear that the Earth is on an unsustainable trajectory. Something will have to change at some point if the human race is going to survive.

Economic Research Report: J.P.Morgan, Jan 14, 2020 titled “Risky Business: the climate and the macroeconomy” (Google it!)’.

The New York bank (J.P.Morgan) is one of 33 powerful financial institutions to have provided an estimated total of $1.9 Trillion to the fossil fuel sector between 2016 and 2018”:  Guardian Oct 2019, ‘Top investment banks provide billions to expand fossil fuel industry‘.

Clearly, the money and power in society is pushing us at ever faster rates towards a barren Earth
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Forward J.P.Morgan’s report: “Risky business: The Climate and the Macroeconomy” to Climate Deniers // Feb 24, 2020

I continue to chat about the J.P.Morgan Special Report, referenced above.

It is one thing for a tree-hugger or climate scientist to talk about our impending climate catastrophe, but another thing entirely for the largest investment bank funding fossil fuels to report using these dire terms.

Thus, I highly recommend you forward this video and link to politicians and your climate denier friends.
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1 Response to Climate Catastrophe Warning in J.P.Morgan’s, Risky Business – Climate and Macroeconomy

  1. Ronald says:

    A new study suggests that arctic methane release won’t be a big problem, because most of it will never reach the atmosphere.

    Old carbon reservoirs unlikely to cause massive greenhouse gas release, study finds

    I wonder whether and to what extent the Arctic shelf, in particular the ESAS, has been taken into consideration here. They mainly mention the deep ocean floor.


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