Bahama Death Toll of 40,000 from Hurricane Dorian: My Estimate

Bahama Death Toll of 40,000 from Hurricane Dorian: My Estimate // Sep 9, 2019

Just after Category 5 Hurricane Dorian stalled over the Grand Bahamas and Abaco Islands for 1.5 days, with

  • 185 mph sustained winds (225 mph gusts) and a
  • storm surge covering 2/3 of the islands,
  • with up to 25 foot deep seawater,
  • the world media reported an absurd death toll of exactly 5 people.

Over the next 10 days their insane number climbed to 7, 10, 20, …, 45. What really happened?

I estimate a death toll of up to 40,000 people; over 10% of the countries population. Most of these people were likely washed out to sea by the massive storm surge, never to be seen again.
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How Bahamas (and ALL Caribbean) can Increase Resiliency to Face Onslaught of MASSIVE Hurricanes // Sep 9, 2019

Clearly, the northernmost Bahama islands have been essentially destroyed with tremendous loss of life; last video I estimated 40,000 dead; most people washed out to sea to never be seen again. The world faces many extremely difficult decisions on what to do moving forward, including should we even rebuild, to be destroyed again?

Given that we do rebuild, I chat about how it should be done in the most resilient way possible, and suggest that the Caribbean Island’s own their own cruise ships to greatly increase resiliency in the face of massive hot-water charged superstorms.
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