Climate Charged Hurricane Dorian Tragically Destroys Grand Bahamas

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Google Google Earth and explore Grand Bahama Island (R)

Abrupt Climate Change Realities: Hurricanes Stronger, Intensify Faster, Move Slower, Dump More Rain // Sep 3, 2019

I continue to delve deeply into recent, cutting edge science on how climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous.

  • Warming oceans have more evaporation;
  • warmer air holds more water vapour,
  • so storms are stronger and intensify more rapidly and
  • cause much greater rainfall.
  • Also, the forward speed of tropical storms has reduced globally by 10% since 1949;
  • slowing over land is even greater (by 21% in western North Pacific, and 16% in North Atlantic).

Hurricane Dorian was essentially STATIONARY for 1.5 days; Hurricane Harvey in 2017 meandered at 1-2 mph over Texas in 2017 dropping 5 feet of rain.

Ref:  Intense Hurricanes like Dorian Produce 1,000 Times More Damage & They’re Becoming More Common, By Jeff Berardelli.
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Hurricane Danger Increasing from Climate Change: chat on the SCIENCE // Sep 3, 2019

I delve deeply into recent, cutting edge science on how climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous. Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) above 26.5 C fuel cyclones, making them more intense.

  • Global satellite coverage available since 1985 shows a consistent average of 80 tropical cyclones per year,
  • varying from 65 to 90, with no discernible trend.
  • However, since 1975 there has been a substantial increase in the proportion of Cat. 4 -5 hurricanes of 25-30% per degree C of global warming (and a similar decrease in Cat. 1 -2 hurricanes.
  • Rapid intensification of hurricanes has increased 4.4 mph per decade.

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Unprecedented Behaviour: Category 5 Dorian Gets Stuck on Grand Bahama Island // Sep 3, 2019

What causes a Category 5 Hurricane (Cat. 6 if it existed) to park itself over Grand Bahama Island, and stay stationary over 1.5 days while churning away, grinding the island to a pulp, and submerging lots of the island under 24 feet of seawater?

I show you on Earth NullSchool how Dorian behaved, and then I delve into the science on how climate change is making hurricanes much more dangerous. Imagine what would happen if Dorian had parked itself off Miami instead; the damage to Florida’s east coast could have run into trillions of dollars. We must think about the unthinkable, with abrupt climate change.
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Hurricane Dorian Essentially Wipes Grand Bahama Island from the Map // Sep 3, 2019

It is heart-wrenching witnessing utter devastation that Hurricane Dorian unleashed on the Bahamas. This powerful Category 5

  • (sustained winds over 180 mph (300 km/hr),
  • peak winds 225 mph (360 km/hr),
  • storm surge 24 feet)
  • razed and submerged lots of Bahama’s northern islands,
  • unprecedentedly parking over Grand Bahama for 36 hours.

Imagine being hit by winds equal to a tornadoes EF3-EF4 not for a minute or so, but continuously for 1.5 days, while inundated with 24 foot ocean surge, and torrential rainfall. If this had occurred 50 miles to the west, it could have caused trillions of dollars of damage to Florida’s east coast.

Ref:  How climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous, Jeff Berardelli.  Monday, July 8, 2019:

Major hurricanes are by far the world’s costliest natural weather disasters, in some cases causing well over $100 billion in damage. There’s now evidence that the unnatural effects of human-caused global warming are already making hurricanes stronger and more destructive. The latest research shows the trend is likely to continue as long as the climate continues to warm.’
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First person account of Dorian who was
lucky to escape with his life. HurricaneMan:

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  1. Eric Crews says:

    Thank you for your work in the field of Climate Change. Was wondering regarding the magnetic di-pole of water ie… saltwater vs. fresh water melt had a thought it might be causing disruption in the geo-magnetic field. a design to correct? . I don’t know if this sort of thing will work requires more research just a thought i’d like to share..


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