Fire Triggered Thunderstorms: Climate MAYHEM New Reality


Pyro Storms (Fire-Triggered Thunderstorms): Climate Mayhem Part 1 of 2 // May 9, 2019

Firenados, fire whirls, megafires, and fire-triggered thunderstorms are a new, terrifying reality turning wildfires from local to globally significant events in our faster-than-expected, extremely rapid climate change world.

Fire-triggered thunderstorms are called:

  • Pyrocumulonimbus Clouds (pyroCbs) or PyroStorms, for short.
  • Tornado-like winds can occur, flaming embers can be cast across a 3 mile radius, volcanic levels of energy loft black smoke, carbon, gases, water up into the stratosphere, and
  • lightning from these fire-clouds can ignite more fires 22 miles away.
  • We get 25 pyroCBs a year now in North America.
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Fire Triggered Thunderstorms: A New Reality of Climate MAYHEM: Part 2 of 2 // May 9, 2019

Second video, continues where above video one left off.  ReferencePyro Storms: a New Danger in the Era of Wildfires, by Ed Struzik May 8, 2019.  This article originally appeared on Yale Environment 360:

Early in the evening of August 12, 2017, heat and smoke from an intense wildfire burning in the forests of British Columbia began mushrooming skyward, sucking up ash, blazing wood and vegetation, and water vapour from lakes and streams below.

Rick McRae, a researcher with Australia’s Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency, was on site helping with fire management. Sensing that this conflagration was going to erupt into something extraordinary, he texted a group of scientists from around the world who since 2013 have been collaboratively studying fire-triggered thunderstorms — technically known as pyrocumulonimbus clouds, or “pyroCbs…
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