Impact of Abrupt Sea-Ice Loss on Greenland, Radio EcoShock Interview

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Arctic Blue-Ocean-Event Consequences for Greenland: 1 of 2 // Feb 15, 2019

Between 60,000 and 22,000 years ago there were numerous abrupt temperature fluctuations recorded by oxygen and nitrogen isotopes (paleo-thermometer proxies) in Greenland ice cores [1].  Temperatures over parts of Greenland rose by up to 16.5 C within a decade or two, in the largest of these so-called Dansgaard-Oescher (D-O) Oscillations.

I chat on the latest science, about how a lack of Arctic sea-ice was the primary factor. This is crucial info to help us figure out what will happen to Greenland when we have no surrounding sea ice left.

[1] Ref: Arctic sea ice loss in the past linked to abrupt climate events, February 11, 2019, British Antarctic Survey: Lead author, Dr. Louise Sime, a climate scientist at BAS says:

For years scientists have been puzzled about the correlation between Arctic sea ice loss and the extreme climate events found in the ice core record. There were at least four theories being mooted and for two years we’ve been investigating this problem. I’m delighted that we have proven the critical importance of sea ice using our numerical model simulations.

“The summer time sea ice in the Arctic has experienced a 40% decline in the last few decades, but we know that about two thirds of that reduction is caused by human-induced climate change. What we now need to determine is, what can be learnt from these past sea ice losses to enable us to understand what might happen next to our climate3.”
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Impact of Abrupt Sea-Ice Loss on Greenland: 2 of 2 // Feb 15, 2019

Second video continues where previous left off.
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Always a favorite, interview posted on February 14, 2019, by Radio Ecoshock, with master interviewer, Alex Smith.  The End of Ice:

Greenland, Antarctica, South America, the Himalayas – it’s all going, the ice is leaving the Earth.

This is a whirl-wind roundup of new science with Ottawa climate expert Paul Beckwith. We talk pollution (is it saving us?), vanishing glaciers, Tasmanian dry lightening fires, James Hansen’s latest, tech to draw down carbon dioxide, and why this scientist made 500 videos to educate and warn the public via YouTube‘.
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