The Science of Today’s Superstorms: 1 of 3

The Science of Today’s Superstorms: 1 of 3 // Sep 14, 2018

The West is focused on the massive deluge from Hurricane Florence drowning North Carolina, with big threats to people living amongst the stinky pig manure pools, coal ash piles left over from power plants, and toxic Superfund sites (witches brews of carcinogens).

Meanwhile, a much larger (double size of Florence) more intense (Category 5) hydraulic buzz-saw of a hurricane just razed the top of the Philippines and entered the very hot waters of the South China Sea heading directly for over 120 million people living near the Pearl River Delta in China.

Just another day on Earth with an effed-up climate.
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Abrupt Climate Change Consequences Are Here Today: Superstorms: 2 of 3 // Sep 15, 2018

Science of Superstorms:

  • Sea-surface Temperatures over 26.5 C.
  • Warm water to Depth.
  • Not much wind shear.
  • More water vapour in atmosphere to turbocharge storms.
  • Wavy jet stream ridges constrain direction of storms.
  • Lack of steering winds allow storm to be almost stationary allowing deluges and 5 feet of rain in places.
  • Water on land surface fuels hurricane (brown ocean effect), so it takes a long time over land to lose strength.

All this and more is discussed.
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As mentioned near the start of the video, David Korn Special Projects has been helping me here from day one and before.  He explains that while money matters, it is ‘like’ thirteenth in his top ten of hierarchy of values.  He seeks to help those who truly want to be able to be helped.  Structure projects, messages, not just mechanically, but strategically.  With both a heavy project management, financial management and sales, and a design background alike, he is a wide angle lens for business, efforts, and initiatives, and personal and professional effectiveness.  He is best used where many factors come into play.  For the fast take on him, suggest the 27:50 mark in this podcast. Segment–about eight minutes long for those short on time.
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