Major Earth Stressors: Methane and Overpopulation

On Increasing Risks From Arctic Methane / Jul 3, 2018

As climate change accelerates, it is crucial to understand risks from feedbacks like methane bursts from terrestrial permafrost (think Siberian blowholes) and marine sediment clathrates (think methane “gun”).   To understand these things, this video continues the Arctic Methane story.

Risks increase significantly as we near an Arctic “blue ocean” event (loss of all sea-ice), which will greatly accelerate Arctic warming, since ice keeps Arctic Ocean temperatures near zero Celsius.

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What YOU Need to Know About Methane / Jun 30, 2018

  • What are the major sources and sinks for methane gas?
  • Are they “natural” or human caused; does “natural” even exist in our world of abrupt climate change?  How does methane concentration change hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and yearly?
  • How does it change with latitude, elevation, and even temperature? Why does any of this matter?

Believe me; if, or rather when, it comes up big time from a burst it will affect us all.  This info is very important.
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Overpopulation: A New City (270,000 People) Appears EVERY Day /Jul 1, 2018

The number of people increases by about 270,000 every single day, on average. That’s a new cities worth of people.  Obviously, this exponential acceleration in global population is not sustainable, and puts huge stresses on food, water, land, pollution, and all resources.

What can we do about this?  Ignoring it, and hoping it will go away, or sort out itself, is pretty dumb.  The way it would sort-out-itself would very likely be a massive global food shortage or plague, which is not a desirable outcome, but seems to be where we are headed.
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