1 Response to Heat Transport Shifts From Arctic to Us: AGU Scoops, Humpty Dumpty Interviews

  1. Randall says:

    Well golly gee wizz thousands of scientists don’t mention chem trails ?????
    Well that’s thousands of scientists that should be shot for not knowing their own scientific areas.
    Well this day is here. Your a jackass plain and simple. Tried to stay but now NO WAY
    Like I said if I run into you publicly, or my contacts up there do. It’s a big punch in your ill informed face.
    Keep up the cover up. Oh ya look up now and again just to get your head out of your ass.
    You a sick man , sad scientist, and obviously in a delusional world. Hehe.

    Deleting from you Browser.
    Have fun with your dis- info on
    Please return monies donated. Ha ha
    Save it for your soon to be dying kids.
    Hope to see ya soon. Think I’ll hunt your area this fall, I owe you a punch.
    Be on the look out for a dis grunted real man. Oh ya, I’m hunter, you’d never see it coming. Hehe. Yes, I do think you should be held accountable for criminal cover up.
    Your a voice for poison skies, a coward in a compartment.
    And I give a shit about laws, at my age laws are a joke!!

    Be seeing you. Don’t forget to report me, and don’t hide your new game status from your family, coward, tell them how your bull shit now will spill out on them. That’s fame Paul, when you piss off people shit happens, your a scientist, you should have seen this coming.
    Big mouths get people in trouble, (can’t let you dis chem trails as joke publicly.)
    (You just crossed our equator line. )No going back. Hehehehe.
    Golly I wish I was hunting your providence now. Diversions are excitement when it’s for a good cause.




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