1 Response to Geoengineering Deployment Ongoing Near Ottawa, Canada

  1. Randall says:

    Well I needed a laugh on New Year’s Eve morning and you supplied it well.
    I have seen snowmaking machines here at every ski hill. I notice the big pile ov snow next to every spray post. Top secret??? Are you really this desperate? As to convince us this is a real fix.
    I also see that in your pics you are under Classic geoengineered clouds. Amazing the number of new clouds named just in the last two years.
    Already geoengineered skies and their dimming effects have been doing what you are preposing, and Heavy here. Already the limit has been reached. The polymers laced with the toxic nano metals have wrecked havoc on the environment.
    All this going on why we few in the know see scientists like you spit out useless information.
    I see you really did not read much on Geoengineering at Dane wiggingtons site
    Geoengineeringwatch.com, or you wouldn’t have posted this laughable vid.
    It’s funny because you scientists are becoming future targets for who to hold accountable for all the half truth, cover up enablers, liars outright, or not even educating yourselves in your own fields before opening your mouths.
    In other words I would hate to run into you in public someplace.
    It would really be hard not throwing a punch or two in your direction. I believe many of us in a few years will be violent towords the accountable.
    I have given you a donation in the past once, because you do bring information to the masses, but at the same time your limits of knowlage given stops further thirst and appeases them into everything is ok, were on it , don’t be to alarmed, just follow me and don’t believe in the alarmists.
    Soon a threshold will be reached.
    I notice no link in your link column for Dane wiggingtons site geoengineeringwatch.org ?? That is really sad since the info there is supported by proven scientific information. The uv radiation facts should be shown everywhere to people sounding alarm on outdoor activities mid day, especially ones with children.
    Well I’m only a 62 yo home builder in Wisconsin looking forward to retirement walking boating, hunting, camping, in lifeless woods, uv scorched trees, fish less lakes, under toxic skies. Very sad to taste the Eden of northern Wisconsin lake country, live your whole life, work hard, and retire into a dying world.
    The alarms are not being rung loud enough.

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