Ophelia Will Severely Test “Luck of the Irish”

Ophelia Will Severely Test “Luck of the Irish”: 1 of 2 // Published on Oct 15, 2017

People usually focus on hurricane categories to get an idea as to how severe a storm will be.  This is dangerous thinking, including the case of Ophelia directly hitting Ireland.

Sure, it is possible (even likely) that Ophelia’s rotation speed may drop below Cat 1 (75 mph = 121 km/hr) at landfall, but Ireland is in the right-front-quadrant where speeds relative to the ground are much higher, since the rotation speed and forward speeds add up, and damage is proportional to wind speed to the power 2.7; not good.

Also, storm surge will funnel between Ireland and Great Britain and be greatly amplified.

Ophelia Will Severely Test the “Luck of the Irish”: 2 of 2 //
Published on Oct 15, 2017


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Careful.  Real adult language.  Shared from Paul’s twitter, dk, editor.


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1 Response to Ophelia Will Severely Test “Luck of the Irish”

  1. Dale Lanan says:

    Luck, a small bird whispers lays in direction of Entropy NOT applied on whole to world order in a quantum mechanics alignment of world work in an express attempt to make unmentionable NOT
    -The dart board of little things matter apply to little Too Late at sum of n+1 reversible equivocation
    -Test ~ is a Garden world can aim to Repair for Carbonate Balance at Full Throttle Evolution > 2C


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