How You Can Track Superstorm Irma from Minute-to-Minute

Track Superstorm Irma in Real-Time: Tutorial // Published on Sep 7, 2017

I teach you how to track Superstorm Irma (or any other storm) in real-time. Following Twitter Hashtags is the easiest way to get the very latest.  I talk about factors increasing Irma’s strength, and those that could decrease it on the path to Florida.  Also, how to access US & Euro track models, with the Euro being best.

The models are converging on the tip of Florida.  I discuss storm surges, wave height, eye pressure and maximum wind locations.


The European Model Forecasts (ECMWF) track actual Irma path (red x’es) very well.  The US Model Forecasts (GFS) is consistently too-far northward. Always check out both models.


Winds are highest in right-front quadrant of storms.  For example, if Irma hit tip of Florida, with rotation winds 180 mph and forward speed 20 mph, the right side maximum is 180 + 20 = 200 mph; left side maximum is 180 – 20 = 160 mph.

Hurricane Cross-Section, with cloud bands (convection regions with rain) and downdrafts in between bands.  Air pressure and surface wind speeds shown as well.
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