Cockamanie Climate Change Claims

Cockamanie Climate Change Claims:  Removing CO2 from the Atmosphere & Oceans with Exponential Algae Growth // Published on Aug 18, 2017

Sunlight warms Earth’s surface. Heat radiates up and is trapped by greenhouse gases (GHGs).  Human emissions increase GHGs increasing warming.  Right!

Bizarre claims out there say otherwise, and I discuss how they are incorrect.  They include “Chinese hoax”, cosmic rays, magnetosphere change, Grand Solar Minimum, polar shifts, Planet X (Nibaru), volcanoes, HAARP, chemtrails (deployed geoengineering), Fukushima Radiation, NTHE, …
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Suck CO2 Out of Atmosphere & Oceans with ALGAE // Published on Aug 20, 2017

Gut-wrenching weather extremes are wreaking havoc on our societies, food and water supplies.


As landlubbers, we seldom think of 71% of Earth’s surface for climate restoration.  The vast oceans are mostly barren away from coastlines due to lack of nutrients.

Get nutrients to the surface, either from 300 feet below or by adding them from cargo ships already plying the deep oceans.  Algae will grow exponentially, cascading growth up the food chain, helping reduce GHGs and ocean acidification.

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Mention of Paul, at 04:08 mark, at Video 122Act Out! – We’ve Got 10 Years to Live – What’s Your Plan? + The U.S. is No More’.   Click here for his segment or if you prefer, by all means the full 28:18 video.  The video they refer to, number 107 is shared below:

Act Out! [107] – Oh Canada: 6 Reasons Why Trudeau Sucks & 3 Ways to Mitigate Climate Change’.  Click here to go right to Paul at the 9:05 mark.
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