Arctic Sea Ice Going Down With the Blues

Zero Arctic Sea Ice Very Likely By 2020 // Published on Jun 30, 2017

There is a very high probability that the Arctic sea ice will essentially vanish by the end of summer melt in 2020 or earlier. The ice-free duration would likely be less than one-month in September for this first “blue-ocean” event.

I discuss the stories in the observations leading me to this conclusion. If the ice goes, it will affect every human, plant and animal living on our planet.
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After First Arctic Blue-Ocean Event; then WHAT? // Published on Jun 30, 2017

Let’s say the Arctic Ocean Sea Ice completely vanishes by 2020 (or sooner) for the month of September.

What happens afterwards to the ice? Does it vanish for longer and longer durations until it is gone year round? Do we reach a state with 6 months of ice in winter and open water all summer? Does something else happen?
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Is a Year Round Ice Free Arctic Ocean in the cards? // Published on Jun 30, 2017

Two videos ago I built the scientific case that Arctic sea ice would vanish in the first “blue-ocean” event by 2020. Last video I argued that it would be gone year round within a decade of that first disappearance.

Will it vanish year round, or only for 6 months a year in summers? I examine some recent journal articles that touch on this question.
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1 Response to Arctic Sea Ice Going Down With the Blues

  1. bill says:

    Not so long ago the North Polar regions were a terrain only for hardy adventurers:
    1968 Ralph Plaisted and three others reach the North Pole by snowmobile and are the first confirmed overland conquest of the Pole.
    1968-69 Wally Herbert, British explorer, reaches Pole on foot and traverses the Arctic Ocean
    1986 Will Steger and party reach the north pole by dog sled without resupply

    Incredible the revolutionary changes that have happened in the Arctic since those days, quite mind boggling!
    Good videos! 🙂


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