Bubble, Bubble, GigaTons of Methane Trouble

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Bubble, Bubble. GigaTons of Methane Trouble // Published on Jun 28, 2017

Vast amounts of methane exists within ocean floor sediments on the Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf, in the form of methane hydrates & free methane gas.


Up to recently, gas release to the shallow water column (50 meters deep) and atmosphere has been slow, with the subsea permafrost acting as a million corks on a million champagne bottles to contain the methane.


Now, rapid thawing of the permafrost has released 10% of the corks, allowing rapid ongoing increases in methane release.

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Good Morning Earthlings. Wake Up and Smell the METHANE // Published on Jun 28, 2017

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Thawing Open Pandora’s Methane Box // Published on Jun 28, 2017


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Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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  1. Kevin Hester says:

    Reblogged this on Kevin Hester and commented:
    More great tutorials from Paul Beckwith spelling out the methane risk with 3 presentations embedded in total.

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  2. For Paul <<< This is important!
    Natural gas in not a bridge energy
    Check this video!

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  4. GarryRogers says:

    Reblogged on GarryRogers.com. Thank you for your helpful YouTube elucidations of climate-change effects.


  5. bill says:

    Easier to cut to the chase without all the rest: The ESAS permafrost is increasingly melting and releasing increasing amounts of methane the process is continuing! End of story in two lines!


  6. Dale Lanan says:

    Bearing of direction of escape from absolute nature of entropy rise, closed system is open nature, or rather a snap of awareness of danger present and that the world should be working full tilt for trying to register a best business correction to the purpose of work so showdown goes full tilt for ~

    It, in my mind is simple application of best use of time .. given the absolute nature of entropy rise.

    Earth is asking for help to remain in habitable zone so life can go on by thought for all hands on deck


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