Arctic Sea Ice Regrowth Is Eff’d This Year, Parts 1 and 2


Arctic sea ice regrowth is eff’d this year; in fact is truly horrible. As the ice extent, defined as regions with at least 15% ice tries to expand via sea water freezing; it is melted out by extremely high sea surface temperatures.


Then the cooled surface water mixes via wave action with warmer water down to as much as 200 meters and the warm mixtures at the surface continue the process of sea ice melting. Without strong ice regrowth, we will reach the state we are heading to. Namely, zero sea ice.

We must break this vicious cycle, by declaring a global climate emergency, and implementing the three-legged-stool solution set.

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Arctic sea ice regrowth is unprecedentedly eff’d: Part 1/2

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Arctic sea ice regrowth is unprecedentedly eff’d this year: Part 2/2

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Donations much appreciated, as this work is NOT funded by University or Professionally supported.  It is only able to occur with ongoing private donations, through very easy to use PayPal feature, here.  thank you. Every bit helps, no matter how large or small.
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Lastly, it is much suggested you take a look at Peter Wadhams new book, A Farewell to Ice. It is the best book ever on the reality of the Arctic, sea ice and snow cover collapse, methane emissions from sea floor and tundra, from a Cambridge scientist with over 300 peer reviewed scientific publications.




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3 Responses to Arctic Sea Ice Regrowth Is Eff’d This Year, Parts 1 and 2

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  2. Dale Lanan says:

    So as Ice ~ heat play-our fiddle~the politics-to war hint of future turn ~ ground as trump card win Y takes ‘our’ planet, not used to The Natural world of Morning Ear for Eagle herring/red Bulldozer,,,
    Still in mind of the coming commander in chief is for the self preservation of Earth, rendered to $$.
    As a person I try and use applied physics to best effort in an attempt to sideswipe Extinctions-force as I wanted to rattle some trees and have chance to harmonic resonate a snap away form Real 2C // what can jump the hurtle over shark at intelligence double talk of men at meanings ~ children ta where the taming of the overindulge is conspicuously exposed as if riding an E-bike w Green Stein flag waving from wire tied mechanism for fun of it as if hitting the button to cross street E at corner


  3. Dale Lanan says:

    Could it be that wave period/depth of circulation acting as a standard applies to Life in Universe and evolution of life, what if I had not hit the button to cross the street to go East to Trump waver group on my way home, what if the storm of heat rising had not forced bridge out and detour here/ assuming universe took 14.3 x 10^9th years to produce the one off place of Earth home Sea open System Large capable of holding HZ~sun’s brilliance via biosphere vibrancy holding planet IR opacity to heat escape just fine for Ocean pH 8.2 Carbonate Balance and Sky O2 21%, GHG fine.: would there be a story to tell and time in which there is still potential for swinging industrial capacity in near on to perfect line up with best effort to keep HOUSE,,,, Garden flying Space; Time in a Experiment to the heart of the wish to kindness forward and at distance prayer tide to science in a one off hope for Real that children can ha at danger unacceptable and help their light-shine y.


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