Summary of Recent Work Not Appearing on My Channel

Paul Beckwith: Summary of my recent work that does not appear here on my own YouTube channel

I am often on many videos, above and beyond my own YouTube channel here. In fact, when I attend conferences such as COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and COP15-CBD (Conference on Biodiversity) in Montreal, Canada, most of my work is recorded on videos that other people film, and post on their respective channels, and I don’t repost them on my own channel (I usually have more than enough of my own videos to post)!!

People often ask me to summarize my work “outside” this channel so that they can follow me for work I do outside of my own channel. In this video here, I attempt to do exactly that.

Essentially every week, Climate Emergency Forum films a video on a cutting edge climate topic with regulars Regina Valdez, Peter Carter, and myself, plus we often have a guest. The brains and brawn behind the organization, operation, and video editing and production are Charles Gregoire and Heidi Brault. When we attended COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh we filmed numerous press conferences (every other day for two weeks) plus individual “roving” style interview as well. These videos are very high production quality, and well worth watching. Please follow the Twitter feed @ClimateEForum and the website http://climate emergency and the YouTube channel @ClimateEmergencyForum to see our groups work.

I also work with the group Facing Future, who also had many press conferences at COP27; essentially every other day. The excellent work of this fantastic group of dedicated, highly motivated people can be found at the website and on the YouTube channel @FacingFuture

A long-time friend of mine is Metta Spencer in Toronto; she is a bundle of energy at her spry young age of 94 years old. She produces weekly videos on her Saving the Planet video channel, and got me to join the Pugwash Group. She is very active in deeply questioning scientists, engineers, and others to find the most promising climate solutions that are scalable. I am usually on her program a few times per month. Please follow her excellent YouTube video channel @ToSaveTheWorld that I always love appearing on as much as possible.

Another group whose videos I have frequently appeared on is the World Talent Economy Forum, run by Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana who is based in Bangladesh. Up until a few months ago, I appeared as a panelist on a few shows per week, covering a huge variety of interesting current topics. I plan on restarting my appearances on this great forum starting next week. Please check out this groups website at and YouTube channel at WTE Forum @wteforum1212

All of the above groups are those that I regularly appear on. In addition, there are many other great organizations (groups) that I am a special guest on. I also appear often on mainstream media TV, radio stations, and I endeavour to post links on Social Media to.

As far as Social Media goes, apart from my website and YouTube channel @PaulHBeckwith I am most active on Twitter @PaulHBeckwith and Facebook Paul.beckwith.9 and LinkedIn and Instagram.

I am planning on using Reddit this year, as well as joining Mastodon, Telegraph, etc. etc. soon to further the reach of my abrupt climate system change work this year.

Please donate here to support my research and videos as I join the dots on abrupt climate system change. If you prefer Patreon, my account is http://Patreon.con/PaulBeckwith and also please remember to check out all the other forums where I appear regularly, but don’t get posted on my own YouTube channel!!

Editor, dk: Paul as a rule, does not like to share or, as it were eschews the broadcast of social media performance stats, but I see no harm in doing this as a ‘one off’ or every four years, as it were. This is part of where your hard earned and deeply valued Donations, go. Tirelessly and ceaselessly spreading the word.

Youtube 6.44m views, 25,300 followers–in 11.5 years
(BTW: 254 followers PER view is a very good figure–aka yield or conversion)
Twitter followers: 24,500
WordPress 658,000 views, 306,000 visitors cumulative–6.5 years
(2.2 page visits per visitor).

———- ———-

El Niño likely to start mid-2023 and cause global average temperatures to exceed 1.5C in 2024

When the next El Niño occurs, it seems pretty obvious that we will likely set the highest global average temperature ever. In this video I chat about how this is likely to occur in the next couple of years.

According to NOAA and others, by mid-2003 we will likely start to transition from our weakening La Niña state to neutral and then to an El Niño, models suggest that by next Fall odds are about even that we will be in an El Niño state, and 2023 global average temperature is likely to compete with the record levels set in 2016. Hold on to your hats. Since the atmospheric warming lags the ocean temperature warming by about 3-4 months, this means that 2024 will likely be the warmest year yet by far, in fact temperatures will possibly exceed 1.5 C for the entire year.

My Part I video was abruptly cut off by my phone alarm, so I continued my discussions with Part II.

How strong will this El Niño be? Even a weak one is likely to push global average temperatures to record levels; while a super-El Nino (like in 2015-2016 and also 1998) will surely blow away the previous global average temperature records. When this happens, we will really wonder about how humanity can survive, let alone thrive with these new extremes in weather and climate.

———- ———-

Part 2: Next El Niño likely to turbocharge global temperature records into exceeding 1.5C in 2024

———- ———-

The excellent sustained work of Jim McHenry, here (214): an here (215).

Climate Change Emergency Protest #214 “A Reckoning “ January 14, 2023 Gettysburg Pa USA

Climate Change Emergency Protest #215 “Unsustainable” January 19, 2023, Gettysburg, PA USA
———- ———


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