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Climate Barstool, Leg Two: Deploy Solar Radiation Management Cooling

  Climate Barstool Leg 2: Deploy Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Cooling // Published on Jun 19, 2016 We must deploy Solar Radiation Management (SRM) methods to cool the planet. Along with Leg 1 (zeroing emissions), SRM is Leg 2. People … Continue reading

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Climate System Change, “Too Late” or NOT “Too Late”?

Climate System Change. “Too Late” or NOT “Too Late”? // Published on Jun 19, 2016 Which is correct regarding the abrupt climate system change that humanity has set into motion? What does this phrase “Too Late” really mean anyway. Too … Continue reading

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Alberta Climate Change Denial

For many decades, climate change denial has mislead the public and thus prevented action on climate change. And now our climate system is spiralling out of control. We are in a period of abrupt climate change. We are in a … Continue reading

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Fort McMurray Podcast Trifecta

The ever most consummate Nick, at continues his epic and so very well crafted series, today with ‘Exponential Interdependencies: Climate Change, International Security, and DMHA‘: ‘This podcast also features a debuts a new segment called, “Situational Awareness,” in which Paul Beckwith … Continue reading

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May The Force Be With You

After much success, Paul is flying back home tonight/today.  He has had many great catches on his Facebook and twitter, and till he gets back and gets to share more about Paris and Norway, we share some of his best ones … Continue reading

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Solutions: Cleantech, Energy Efficiency, CO2 Removal, Solar Radiation Management

Today, we published/made major edits on an entire section, with no less than four new pages which should prove quite helpful to both fellow researchers and my followers.  This starts with Solutions, followed by Cleantech, Carbon Dioxide Removal, Population, Energy Efficiency, and … Continue reading

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