New Report on Climate Mitigation: Assessment Report (AR6) by Working Group (WG3) of the IPCC

New Report on Climate Mitigation: Assessment Report (AR6) by Working Group (WG3) of the IPCC // Apr 4, 2022

In this video I chat about the New Report released today on Climate Mitigation; namely the Assessment Report 6 (AR6) by Working Group 3 (WG3) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

To remind you, WG2 is about Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change, while WG1 is about the Physical Basis of Climate Change.

Combined, these three reports are about 10.5 thousand pages, which is obviously an encyclopedic undertaking, and I endeavour to read them from start to finish.

This video is a very cursory look at the latest WG3 report, since although I do read quite fast, I have not been able to read the full report yet:)

My GoldenDoodle puppy Newton (as in Sir Isaac Newton) is now 12 weeks old. He is a perfect example of exponential growth. I estimate that his size doubles roughly every 2 weeks. We first met him at the breeders when he was 6 weeks old, and he was tiny!! When we picked him up and brought him home at 8 weeks he looked twice as big. At 10 weeks he had doubled again, and now at 12 weeks, sitting in my lab and licking my face he looks enormous. The three cats were bigger than him when we got him home for the first time at 8 weeks old, and now he absolutely dwarfs them. They are all getting along very well as we struggle to get into a routine with them all. It’s not easy.

I am also finding out that everything I thought I already knew about raising and training a puppy is completely incorrect. I have to start again from square one, according to my doggy advisors, and the literature.

Now that the snow in Ottawa has mostly melted, I spend several hours picking up the yard, since it became much too risky to walk around. At least the smell had vanished after a month.

Ref: Download, full report here. Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change
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