Protest–Occupation–of Ottawa After One Week

Protest (Occupation) of Ottawa After One Week

Last night, during a perfect snowy winter evening, I did my daily walk downtown Ottawa while filming (dk: the “Freedom Convoy” Protests [1] ).

It seemed a bit like the calm before the storm [2], as many more trucks and people are expected to join the protesters this weekend, and there will be counter protests with up to 1000 people, according to the police.

Protests are also expected in Toronto at Queens Park (seat of Ontario government), in Quebec City (at the start of the Quebec Winter Carnival), and elsewhere.

Ottawa’s Winterlude, which normally happens for two weeks this time of year has been relegated to some ice sculptures in an undisclosed location, to be only viewed online.

Enjoy your weekend:)

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Ref [1]: ‘It’s been dubbed the Freedom Convoy, and it’s got the country talking.

The movement was sparked by a vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the US-Canada border, implemented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government earlier this month.

Upset with the new measure that would require unvaccinated Canadian truckers crossing the two nations’ boundary to quarantine once they’ve returned home, a loose coalition of truckers and conservative groups began to organise the cross-country drive that began in western Canada‘ [3].

Ref [2]: The “Blue Ocean Event” Will be a Tipping Point for our Climate

Let that sink in. They see a linear relationship between our CO2 emissions and ice melting, and the rate of ice melting is accelerating.

Based on this and other research, Beckwith believes the most likely scenario is the following: After the first Blue Ocean Event (less than 1 million square kilometres of ice left) with open water in September, within a few years, open water will occur for August, September, and October. Within a few more years, July and November will also become ice-free.

Within a decade the entire Arctic Ocean will be ice-free. This will accelerate the positive feedback loop, where reflective, absorbent ice melts to heat-absorbing less reflective water, thus accelerating the already dangerous rate of warming. This, as Beckwith says, is how the BOE will crush humanity like a bug‘.

Ref [3] Day 1 of Toronto protest strikes a different tone than Ottawa, ‘Day 1 of the trucker protest in Toronto wasn’t quite over but as the supper hour approached it was clearly a much different experience than what we’ve seen in Ottawa over the past week or more. Throughout the afternoon people gathered waving flags and signs, singing, chanting and even playing volleyball in the streets.’
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