A Smorgasbord of Abrupt Climate System Disruption Science and Dire Consequences to Humanity

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A Smorgasbord of Abrupt Climate System Disruption Science and Dire Consequences to Humanity // May 22, 2021

In this sequence of new videos I chat about what I consider to be the most significant recent peer reviewed scientific studies on abrupt climate system change and the consequences to humanity.

The Arctic Sea Ice exists on borrowed time. As well as being obliterated in summer melt it’s winter formation is being significantly retarded increasingly by ocean heat from both the Atlantic Ocean (coined Atlantification) and from the Pacific Ocean (coined Ocean Heat “Bombs” but I think it should be called Pacification).

Of course, the Arctic permafrost carbon feedback is an enormous tipping point that we risk crossing very soon. As the permafrost on both land and on shallow continental shelves thaws it undergoes microbial decomposition releasing CO2 (aerobically) and/or methane (anaerobically). Years ago, it was estimated that 1,700 Gtons (Pg) of carbon were in the Arctic. The latest science shows that in the 0 to 3 meter deep (10 feet) surface layer of the Arctic and sub-Arctic there is 1,035 Pg; the rest of the Earth has 2,050 Pg in this surface layer. Deeper than 3 m, the Yedoma permafrost holds between 210 and 456 Pg, and non-Yedoma permafrost holds between 350 to 465 Pg. The Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf, which is the largest and shallowest continental shelf on Earth holds vast amounts of frozen permafrost in the sediments on the sea floor, being thickest where the water is shallowest, and also containing methane hydrates and deep methane reservoirs.

Recently, it has been shown scientifically that climate change has melted enough ice in polar regions to change the mass distribution on the Earth to cause a measurable shift in the Earth axis of rotation, and rotation rate. Also, climate change has expanded the lower atmosphere (troposphere), pushing up the tropopause (border with stratosphere), and the cooling of the stratosphere has contracted it, so it does not extend up as high.
These are profound large-scale planetary changes to our Earth.

Please watch and share these videos, as I chat about the very latest science of abrupt climate system disruption, and the profound consequences and extreme risks to humanity.
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Abrupt Climate System Disruption MISHMASH on Cutting Edge Science and Consequences to Us // May 22, 2021

Second of two videos.
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