Arctic Polar Vortex North Pole to Greenland Shift: Ozone Hole, Sea-Ice Loss

Arctic Polar Vortex Shift from North Pole to Greenland: Large Ozone Hole and Sea-Ice Loss // Mar 28, 2020

I predicted 1.5 years ago that Arctic sea-ice loss will shift the jet stream center of rotation to Greenland’s center at 73 degrees N latitude. This shift essentially occurred, at least temporarily, about one week ago; the center of rotation of the polar vortex moved near the northern tip of Greenland.

The tight polar vortex with a cold upper atmosphere (recall as the surface warms the upper atmosphere cools) has created a large Arctic ozone hole, mentioned over a decade ago as an Arctic tipping point. With more air exchange from low to high latitudes, the Arctic sea ice peaked early (Mar 2) and has since been rapidly declining.

Shackleton the Explorer Goes Nuts in Quarantine // Mar 28, 2020

In these dire times of coronavirus exponential growth and ongoing abrupt climate change, I hope that you are all coping as well as possible. Clearly, Shackleton the Explorer is letting off steam, and is wondering why his human family rarely leaves the house these days.

Me, I have been able to exercise so much lately that I am in the best shape I have been in for decades; for example I biked 25 kilometres (over 14 miles) and walked 10 kilometres (over 6 miles) today, and have lowered my resting heart rate from about 52 to 47 over the last month. I am also boosting my immune system with copious vegetables and vitamins and other stuff. Take care, and enjoy “Shacks” antics. Please share some of your own personal coping stories and inspiration in the comments section:)!!
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