Stunted Growth in Arctic Sea Ice Refreeze

Stunted Growth in Arctic Sea Ice Refreeze // Nov 19, 2019

Arctic sea ice behavior continues to surprise us. In August as it approached the September minimum, ice loss stalled out, and as it refroze in October/November ice growth stalled again. The high Arctic above 82.5 degrees latitude was 7 degrees C warmer than normal for October.

The jet streams crossed Greenland pushing warm air northward into the Arctic Ocean forming a strong cyclone bringing lots more heat and high winds over the struggling sea ice, as I show on Earth Nullschool.
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Recent interview on Extinction Radio:  ‘Episode 101 – 15th November 2019 – Paul Beckwith, Patrick Farnsworth and Michael Sliwa‘.  Click here for full episode.
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Before saying goodnight for now, we wanted to share an extra feature, to share some of the work of two colleagues, Alex Smith of Radio EcoShock, from the May 8th, 2019 episode:  ‘Harsh News from the Weatherman‘.

It features Nick Humphrey, who dk recently connected with on Facebook after a several year rapprochement.  He has also been features on our friend Sandy Schoelles’s Environmental Coffeehouse.  SoundCloud is always a nice way to go, for those of you that can:


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