Food Supply Threats from Ongoing Catastrophic FLOODING in US Midwest


Food Supply Threats from Ongoing Catastrophic FLOODING in US Midwest // Apr 12, 2019

I chat about ongoing US Midwest misery from a deep, persistent jet stream trough. After a cold snowy winter, a “bomb cyclone” dumped up to 5 feet of snow over a wide area; then another hit the region; the forecast indicates the possibility of a third event. These storms occur over the ocean as well known “nor’easter’s”, but rarely over land. Ongoing rain and snow from ongoing storm trains flooded many farms, and destroyed stored grains. Normal April planting is not happening. Not good for our food supply.
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Three other recent videos:

Chat on Persistent Cold Blob over North America // Apr 5, 2019

Our destabilizing climate has many unpleasant surprises over our entire planet. The Arctic is warmer than normal by 5.7C; Antarctica is 2.4C colder than normal.

A long-term, stuck Rossby wave trough of the jet stream gave North America a cold blob:

  • Basically a “global warming hole”while the rest of the planet baked.
  • As the Arctic “center of cold” shifts from the North Pole to central Greenland (83 degrees N latitude),
  • This cold blob could become a frequent feature as we near a Blue Ocean Event in the Arctic.

Climate System Upheaval: Arctic Sea-Ice, Snow Cover, Jet-Stream, Monsoonal Consequences // Apr 6, 2019

As Arctic sea-ice plunges to record lows, many pundits are calling for a near-term Blue Ocean Event in which the entire Arctic Ocean is essentially devoid of ice. In my last video analysis (and this one), I chat:

  • Time frames for increasing duration of the open ocean state, from 1 month to 3 to 5 and then to year-round.
  • I emphasize the overlooked but equally important loss of terrestrial snow cover to make the Arctic a very dark and hot place. I discuss:
  • Changes to jet streams, including a 17 degree latitude shift south in its center of rotation, and
  • Changes to weather drivers from jet-stream to monsoonal, even in the Arctic.

Arctic Sea-Ice Collapse Accelerating. What Next? // Apr 6, 2019

Continue last video, on Climate System Upheaval, left off.

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