Methane Levels from Copernicus, Rise Literally Off-the-Charts


Comparing Methane Levels from Copernicus, MetOps, and Ground Data: 1 of 2 // Dec 12, 2018

Methane levels are rapidly increasing globally. Methane release in the Arctic from thawing terrestrial and marine permafrost, and from methane clathrates on shallow continental shelves are a huge and ever increasing risk.

  • I compare and contrast methane observations from satellites (Copernicus and MetOp1) and from
  • Ground flask measurements to see what is happening now;
  • I chat about the colour legend change for the Copernicus data,
  • which was offset by 100 ppb, and what that means, and why.

Link to See More Rocks post, Large heat anomalies in Pacific Right Now by Robin Westenra [Addenda, Fri 13-Nov:  Reconsidering the large increase in methane emissions].

Link to Trends in Atmospheric Methane,

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Global Methane Rise Literally Off-the-Charts: 2 of 2 // Dec 12, 2018

The unrelenting increase in global levels of atmospheric methane went literally off-the-charts used to display methane for the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (CAMS). Methane levels were so high that:

  • They swamped out the colour scheme used in the map legend,
  • Causing saturation in large red blobs with little detail.
  • The colour legend was shifted by 100 ppb to more clearly show the detailed structure of where methane was being emitted.

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Beckwith at Paris COP21 in 2015.
Wishing now, that he was in
Poland this year at COP24

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Videos on learning and neuroscience, from Nov 30th, Dec 2nd, and Dec 3rd, 2018 respectively:


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