Three More Videos On Tornadoes: Ottawa,

Nonlinear Tornado Damage With Rapid Climate Change / Sep 29, 2018

This video is the last of four on the science, dynamics, and consequences of tornado swarms that will become more frequent in northern states and Canada.  The first video ‘Our Changing World; A Tornado Outbreak in Canada‘ was shared Wednesday, here.

We can build new houses to withstand an EF2 tornado by spending an extra $150 to simply strap down the roof with horizontal nails attaching ties between walls and roof beams. So simple and cheap. Wind drag force on a house scales to wind velocity squared; wind power scales to velocity cubed. Thus, below a certain wind speed there is almost no damage; slightly above that threshold there is catastrophic damage. Highly nonlinear process.
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Will Tornado Alley Shift Northward Into Canada? / Sep 28, 2018

Third of four videos discusses dynamics of tornadoes and how they impact people and communities: 

Supercells are huge collections of storm clouds bunched together, with rotation. They often generate tornados, as happened recently in Ottawa, and a few days later, in Detroit. As rapid climate change proceeds, and the speed, waviness, location, and nature of jet streams changes, it is possible that “Tornado Alley” in the US will shift northward, and impact northern states and Canada greatly.

This video
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What Happened Inside the EF3 Tornado Hitting Ottawa? / Sep 27, 2018

This is the second video in this series.  An EF3 tornado razed the town of Dunrobin and moved into Ottawa crossing the river hitting Gatineau; it had winds up to 265 km/h (1 km/h faster is EF4).

  • The forward speed of the cold front generating Supercell clusters and tornados was 80 km/h, thus rotation speed of the tornado was 185 km/h (for CCW rotation, the right front quadrant was 185+80=265 km/h while the left front quadrant was 185-80=105 km/h).
  • Air pressure inside funnels drops as much as 60%; a 1 km wide funnel moving forward at 80 km/h crosses a point on the ground in 45 seconds.

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