Quality of Life drops as Climate Change hits Home

Quality of Life drops as Climate Change hits Home // Aug 29, 2018

Where I live, it has been too hot and too humid this summer. Quality of life has degraded. Ongoing climate system change is hitting my home, and is likely in-your-face as well this year; please comment on your own situation.

I chat about heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, and monsoonal like torrential rains that are worsening as Arctic sea-ice degrades. What about human responses. Scientists are very worried but lack power. Politics is divisive.

As climate change causes more and more migration, governments become more and more populist and nationalistic and also deny climate change. What can we do??
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About paulbeckwith

Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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5 Responses to Quality of Life drops as Climate Change hits Home

  1. Laura Routh says:

    Thank you for the post, Paul. I live in Northern California, and it’s the second summer in a row we’ve had extreme wildfires. We don’t live in a high-risk fire zone, but the smoke can get bad. My son, who recently moved back to California, has commented on how these types of events didn’t happen when he lived here before. We have an uneasy feeling about the future, too.


  2. Kim says:

    I live in Australia, weather variability here masks somewhat the changes in climate that are becoming apparent in other places around the world. The Southern Hemisphere climate ‘seems’ to be C. 5 yrs behind the northern hemisphere in showing climate change effects….

    However, there is a visible lack of flying insects. I don’t need to clean my windscreen at all except when it is dusty.

    The air used to be a verdant soup of flying things. Now, it’s clear. No visible or obvious change in bird life as yet except maybe the dawn chorus is a little quieter these days…


  3. Cassie Barr says:

    SF Bay Area usually has a hot Indian Summer toward the end of Summer early Fall, but is has been colder then usual. (Quality of life effected by smoke in the air or course.) There is a feeling of a lack of control when you can not rely on historically how the weather has been. People seem to be more aggressive by looking at bad news in the area like homeless man killing woman on Bart etc.My husband has said how in the great depression people stuck together and helped each other, hopefully some calm thinking will prevail and we will help each other when climate worsens?(Elderberry would help your illness)
    I’m predicting a delayed Indian Summer that is very hot for the Bay Area? I have my portable pool 3ft deep by 10 ft circle to cool off my family, ready to go. ; )


  4. Susan Smissaert says:

    This has been a very unusual summer due to a full season of humidity, heatwaves, and a particularly scary electrical storm that prevented the stores from operating, as well as many traffic lights in the business sector on the hill in Fredericton. We are amidst of the effects of global warming, and I am convinced of the necessity to hault as much fossil fuel usage as possible. Governmentally, we are at an empass. What to do, what to do??


  5. doe says:

    Any mention of the ongoing geoengineering/weather modification programs going on continuously every single day? no mention of the airplane cirrus clouds that have taken over our skies in the last 20 years that decimate relative humidity and prevent precipitation? this whole narrative is getting old, we are being fooled, climate change is happening, it is being created by the military industrial complex and passed off as result of our behaviors. our behaviors are certainly changing the Earth, normal, dangerous pollutions are no longer mentioned and as far as i can see all the anti climate change folks are still driving madly around everyday to nowhere really, and many ill behaviors have not been changed. we should quit burning oil, coal and gas for sure, but let’s not pretend co2 is the culprit. this is a manufactured, engineered program, if we don’t approach it like that we will follow these psychopaths into exactly the future you are describing… i am not a republican, not a trump supporter, not a nra member, i am an outdoorsman, surfer, naturalist, hunter/gatherer, musician, poet, nature lover and animal lover. i’ve been watching this shit for a long time now. i’ve watched the sky my whole life in pursuit of waves, animals, mushrooms, and much more from the natural world. it’s like we’ve all jumped in bed with the same liars who lie about everything else but now tell us they care about the earth and climate! very strange. please take a look so we can include what is really going on and continue to fight pollution and open the gates to all the energy systems these corporate freaks have hidden from us. we cannot trust the universities, the corporations, they are infiltrated. peace be with you…

    “The common enemy of humanity is man.
    In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
    with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
    water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
    dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
    changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome.
    The real enemy then, is humanity itself.“
    – Club of Rome, 1972





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