Testimonial: Learned Most About Climate Change from Plethora of Paul Beckwith’s YouTubes


Paul found this testimonial to be quite important, and we share it immediately (dk).  Stuart Scott has for many years been a most fantastic supporter of Paul’s, morally, materially, and scientifically.  His share immediate below, is followed, by Paul’s next videos, starting with detailed exeggis on CLIVAR:

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Stuart Scott <stuart.h.scott@_________> Date: Thu, May 3, 2018 at 3:29 PM, Subject: Stuff, To: Paul Beckwith <paulhenrybeckwith@_________>

Paul, We have a backlog of conversations … So be patient.

But I got a long email from someone who wrote me after seeing one of my videos, and he included this mention of you, so I thought I’d send it along:

I’ve probably learned the most about climate change from the plethora of Paul Beckwith YouTubes, I’ve absorbed [in] the last few months. His style is more than a little clunky, but to me that’s part of his appeal. 

He’s a humble, unpretentious genius with encyclopedic knowledge and [is] a natural teacher’s heart.  And I love that he’s a straight shooter, but very responsible with his aim.

You’re doing something right! Many things in fact.

Sincere thanks, Stuart

Stuart Scott, Executive Director
United Planet Faith & Science Initiative

Parts 1 and 2 of my recent Conversation with Peter Wadhams, polar ice physicist.
Short and bittersweet:  Extreme Weather Wake-up Call with Dr. Peter Wadhams
What Nations Do & Don’t Do about Climate Change with Dr. Peter Wadham
———- ———-

Dear Supporters,

Please stay tuned for my next series of videos. With a fine tooth comb and an enormous magnifying glass, I am reviewing an extensive document summarizing the views and findings from a meeting of at least one-hundred scientists on “Arctic Change and Possible Influence on Mid-Latitude Climate and Weather.”

Lots of good things in this report, but it also misses a lot of things. My video review will consist of many videos examining, analyzing, and critiquing every aspect of this topic. Thanks for your patience. Also, thank you for following my videos and hopefully donating to support my quest to explain what the hell is happening to our climate, weather, and planet.

———- ———–

Newest Science: Linkages from Arctic to Mid-Latitude Climate and Extreme Weather //  Published on May 5, 2018

Since 2010 I have been educating the public on rapid climate system change.  I have connected the dots between Arctic Temperature Amplification, slowing and wavier Jet Streams, and increases in the frequency, severity, and duration of extreme weather events.

These linkages are all being confirmed in the scientific literature.  In this first of a series of videos I examine conclusions of -100 top scientists who met to examine “Arctic Change and Possible Influence on Mid-Latitude Climate and Weather”, detailed in a new March 2018 report.
———- ———-

As mentioned at start of video, here is sure and steady David Korn, whose Special Projects focus delights in helping leaders, enterprises, and private individuals with structured or disciplined approaches.

  • As a strong generalist, he specializes in both the analysis and delivery of projects or initiatives which are demanding or complex.
  • He is typically called upon when efforts must be delivered across major domains–integrating transactions or data, finance or risk, markets or sales, facilities, inventory, or events, negotiation or agreements, confidentiality, conflicts, general HR and advisory.

———- ———-

Mentioned at start of video:  Healthy Climate Alliance.  Center For Climate Restoration.

Then primarily CLIVARClimate and Ocean – Variability, Predictability, and Change, here.  Link to Publications and Documents, here.  Arctic Midlatitude Working Group, link here.  Link to Feb meeting here, and PDF of report, Arctic Change and Possible Influence on Mid-Latitude Climate and Weather.



About paulbeckwith

Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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2 Responses to Testimonial: Learned Most About Climate Change from Plethora of Paul Beckwith’s YouTubes

  1. Dale Lanan says:

    A control v press o the key Sermon
    This week we celebrate Earth Day. But Earth is bound into an impossible situation, a perpetual motion situation where we are causing the Earth to heat up. Before man came along no species on the planet had enough brain power and capability to destroy the Earth for its own self enlargement. But the use of money made that possible.

    A whole world of corporate law and entitlements grew up in parallel with civilization. It’s a law structure which is not sustainable for the Earth, a closed system of accounting that doesn’t care about the Earth staying cool, it only cares about short term profit. Earth needs to stay within the habitable zone so life can go forward.

    Our spherical Earth has a surface of liquid sea and solid land surrounded by an atmosphere of gases. Normally space acts as a heat sink for the Earth and the atmosphere allows just the right amount of heat to escape to space. If this doesn’t happen the heat in Earth begins to collect and build up. The excess carbon dioxide and gases act as a hard shell keeping in the heat, making Earth a sort of bomb building up with heat pressure. It’s doing this now and we, by the way we live, are stoking the fire. The Earth is increasingly capturing heat with no end in sight and getting hotter and hotter. It is starting to affect Earth’s biosphere and human civilization.

    It’s not just Earth’s temperature that is heating up but also the emotional state of mankind. The increasing discord on Earth and disruptions from climate change, war, hunger, and other global challenges cause great strife among us and can be thought of as emotional heat. Just as space acts as a heat sink for earth, great figures of history like Jesus and Martin Luther King. Jr. act as heat sinks for mankind and for peace.

    The church stands up for the people and life, like the rock of solid faith with hope that springs eternal. The church has the power to bring truth to justice for stewardship and help us make the best effort in using our talents. We can trigger discussion about the Earth and act for peace..

    Time should not be tied to pecuniary tags of Contract Due on an Earth operating on open systems not beholding to debt enlargement pyramid schemes of any Trump or Madhouse
    and as God is my witness and luck holds testimony true, an eye upon the sparrow echoes;
    -well it echoes for me and I must try and restore Earth to Open System as if a play for fun,
    So thanks there Paul for your work in aiming science based videos to empower the game 2C Pi


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