Climate Restoration with Ocean Fertilization

Filling our Oceans with Fish to Calm Climate / Published on Feb 16, 2018

Anecdotes from a century ago talk of an ocean teeming with life.  Legends abound of there being so many fish in oceans that you could literally walk on the surface across their backs!!

Picture getting back to an ocean like that again, and think of how much better our world would be if the CO2 that is screwing up weather and climate and acidifying our oceans was inside the plants and animals in oceans.  Fertilizing seas is the way to having that world again, while restoring our climate to that of our grandchildren.

Ref:  The Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Program developed this website as a clearinghouse of ocean fertilization news and informational resources to: 1) increase public knowledge and awareness on this topic, and 2) advance scientific research to improve our understanding of the implications of ocean fertilization for marine ecosystems.

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Climate Restoration with Ocean Fertilization / Published on Feb 15, 2018

Climate Restoration has one basic objective: Intergenerational Equity.  We MUST stabilize climate for our grandchildren by restoring the chemistry of our Atmosphere and Oceans to that of our grandparents. We MUST slash fossil fuel emissions, restore Arctic albedo, and deploy Carbon Dioxide Removal.  Ocean Fertilization is our best option (scalable, rapid deployment, will suck vast amounts of CO2 out of our atmosphere/oceans, capable of restoring teeming marine ecosystems of our recent past, bending exponentially rising curves downwards…).
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3 Responses to Climate Restoration with Ocean Fertilization

  1. Randall says:

    Well let’s see, here in America our proud government still can’t find enough money to fund school systems after 300 years, but it does spend close to a trillon dollars for war and death toys. Billions on nano aluminum attached to polymers for dimming in their spray programs. Don’t worry the aluminum industry is heading up all the Alzheimer’s groups with hefty donations. I Watched olympics and saw heavy spraying over South Korea , was surprised. Billions on sofisicated spying, fusion centers collecting data. Population cannot double again, it is so very obvious nothing substantial will be done. Better to prepare, it will take all of you much needed time. our owners want this.


  2. Dale Lanan says:

    Oceans take up 93% of appoximately 400,000 A-bombs worth of Heat per Day and Earth keeps this.
    The Earth is Increasing in Heat and Strength of Mechanism for keeping Heat against Space heat sink..
    The World of Man is wrapped up in itself and fixated or flat hell bent on keeping property rights to the enlargement of
    A Perpetual Motion Machine AKA Title and Deed of Sovereign Majesty to mine Earth and Others.
    The Advent of Net Communications is a God Given Right to Voice Complaint unto God on High in Hope of Symbiotic Snap of Awareness that we need to relent in our quest for riches & Save Earth 2C HZ, but comments like let’s say this: Tide of entropy rise is absolute in force against Earth Standing as long as Earth does not have Standing. Bank Bling Fling Closed System Thermodynamics Holds.
    The Law is v Life Sea at pH 8.23 and Sky at 21% O2 specie volume population..
    The Law of Physics at Heat Transfer HOLDS X
    Well, they don’t even result in a single retweet. -This is only possible if System pulls like Plug. \-/


    • Dale Lanan says:

      Time and wishes for wealth and future w hope flow relative to thought and yet monetary world pulls \-/ a drag of force Imagine the Drag necessary to sling US to Trump


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