Earth Tipping Elements: New Kid on the Block

Earth Tipping Elements: New Kid on the Block // Published on Nov 27, 2017

An amazing thing about the recently release US Climate Report (more discussion, last post) is the open acknowledgement in Chapter 15 that huge risks exist for our Earth systems to tip into new states. Not mentioned is that these states will severely stress civilization and life on our planet.

In addition to the “usual suspects” for tipping: Arctic, rainforests, etc. there is a new kid on the block; namely Equatorial Atmospheric Super-rotation, which would completely rewire our global atmospheric circulation.
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No New Normal as Climate Mayhem Spikes Up //Published on Nov 25, 2017

There is no such thing as a “new normal” in climate. You ain’t seen nothing yet.
Our Earth System is highly nonlinear, with multiple accelerating feedbacks taking us closer to crossing irreversible tipping points that will completely change the dynamics of atmospheric and ocean circulation, the cryosphere and our biosphere.  Essentially changing everything on our planet.

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1 Response to Earth Tipping Elements: New Kid on the Block

  1. notabilia says:

    “Tipping points” does not work for me as a phrase. Pop neoliberal journalist Malcolm Gladwell spearheaded the use of the weaselly term, whose meaning is hard to pin down. I assume it stands for the much more emphatic “point of no return.” Perhaps that is not what you mean.
    In any event, thanks for your great work.


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