Arctic Sea-Ice is much THINNER Than we Thought

Arctic Sea-Ice is much THINNER Than we Thought // Published on Oct 27, 2017

The thickness, and thus volume of remaining Arctic sea-ice is much less than we think. In late winter, what we thought was 3 ft thick ice is actually only about 2.8 ft thick; 2 ft thick ice is really only about 1.5 ft thick.


Ice volumes are lower by 11% to 25% depending on the overall thickness patterns.  Terribly significant news, since sea-ice loss means broken persistent jet streams and many more, severe, longer duration extreme weather events.

For reference:

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Arctic on THIN(NER) Ice: Brainstorming // Published on Oct 27, 2017

In my previous video I explained that seasonal (first year) Arctic sea ice that we thought (last week) was about 3 feet (or 2 feet) thick is really only about 2.7 feet (or 1.5 feet) thick this week. This is huge, with enormous implications. In this video, I brainstorm on how this error affects volume, how it varies over the melt season, and how it affects ice regrowth in the fall. Bottom line: Complete loss of Arctic sea ice is even sooner than we thought.
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