Can Hurricanes Trigger Earthquakes?

Can Hurricanes Trigger Earthquakes? Part A // Published on Sep 22, 2017

On Sept. 8th, 2017 as Hurricane Irma chewed up the Caribbean a magnitude 8.1 earthquake rattled Mexico. On Sept. 19th it was Hurricane Maria’s turn, with a 7.1 quake AND a volcano near Mexico City.

In 2012 as Hurricane Sandy moved north off the east coast of the US a network of -400 seismic sensors lit up and there was a 7.8 quake off the west coast.  Sandy turned left, sensors lit up again, and there was a 6.3 quake near the 1st one.  As Sandy went ashore in NY sensors lit up again, and there was a 3rd quake of 6.2; connected or coincidental?
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Can Hurricanes Trigger Earthquakes? Part B // Published on Sep 22, 2017

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Can Hurricanes Trigger Earthquakes? Part C // Published on Sep 22, 2017

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Writing of Paul’s posted by Sam Carana at the famed Arctic News Blog in August of 2013:

Climate Change is happening today, big time!
The Social Tipping Point, By Sam Carana of Arctic News Blog:

Abrupt climate change. It is happening today, big time. The northern hemisphere atmospheric circulation system is doing its own thing, without the guidance of a stable jet stream. The jet stream is fractured into meandering and stuck streaked segments, which are hoovering up water vapor and directing it day after day to unlucky localized regions, depositing months or seasons worth of rain in only a few days, turning these locales into water worlds and trashing all infrastructure like houses, roads, train tracks and pipelines.

Creating massive sinkholes and catastrophic landslides. And climate change is only getting warmed up.  In the Arctic methane is coming out of the thawing permafrost. Both on land and under the ocean on the sea floor. The Yedoma permafrost in Siberia is now belching out methane at greatly accelerated rates due to intense warming.

The collapsing sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is exposing the open ocean to greatly increased solar absorption and turbulent mixing from wave action due to persistent cyclonic activity. Massive cyclonic activity will trash large portions of the sea ice if positioned to export broken ice via the Fram Strait’.  Professor Paul Beckwith

Handing off the Planet, Like–click here for video, from writer Mike Primavera at twitter.


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