Arctic Sea-Ice Refrigerator Death Rattle, 1750 to Paris 2 Degree Rise

Arctic Sea-Ice Refrigerator’s Death Rattle // Published on Jun 12, 2017

Arctic Ocean sea-ice cover is quickly vanishing. Each summer, there is less-and-less ice surviving the previous year, and what remains is slushy, & honeycombed with salt-water pockets. Ice loss is faster than exponential, namely super-exponential. Blink & the ice will all be gone, very likely by 2020 or earlier.

Then what? Zero ice all summer within a few more years. A few more years then no ice year-round. How will we withstand weather wilding, weirding & whiplashing? Rain storms lasting for months? Climate Casino Chaos?
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Vital Info: Paris 2 Degree Rise Relates to 1750 // Published on Jun 10, 2017

In 2015 and 2016 atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide spiked upward by record amounts. How was this possible, given claims that global human emissions flattened out?
Does it really mean that forests and oceans are absorbing less carbon?

The Paris Accord “safe temperature level of 2 degrees C (hope 1.5)” is relative to a start year of 1750 (pre-industrial). Please remember this; it is VERY important!!


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1 Response to Arctic Sea-Ice Refrigerator Death Rattle, 1750 to Paris 2 Degree Rise

  1. Adam Gallon says:

    Now, tell us what sea ice levels were in the last warming episode in the 1920s. Then during the Mediaeval Warm Period, Roman Warm Period, Minoan Warm Period and the Holocene Thermal Optimum.
    Now, tell us why the temperatures during the Little Ice Age were ideal for humanity.
    Then tell us why, if a warmer world is worse for humans, why people, especially the elderly upon retirement, move to warmer climates. So British to Spain, Americans to Florida.
    No look at the DMI temperature record north of 80 degrees, explain why there’s been no change in peak summer temperatures, indeed we’ve just reached 0C, bang at the average time since records began in 1958.
    Now show that ice melt isn’t due to real pollution, black carbon.


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