Earth’s Largest Living Structure IS Dying


Earth’s Largest Living Structure IS Dying: 1 of 2 // Published on Apr 10, 2017

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is an enormous tourist attraction that pumps billions of tourism dollars each year into the economy. Very soon, this revenue that is so vital to Australia’s financial security will have to be replaced by giving tours of coal mines.

The loss of these reefs is occurring as we speak. Back-to-back record bleachings in 2017 and 2016 are massacring this vital “Amazon Forest of the Oceans”. How will fish live?
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Earth’s Largest Living Structure IS Dying: 2 of 2 // Published on Apr 11, 2017

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a wonder of the world. Attracting millions of tourists and pumping billions of dollars into Australia’s economy, this reef is bleaching white, becoming covered in slimy algae, and will inevitably be ground to sand. A tragedy.

I discuss the facts on the ground, or in this case on the shallow seabed.


About paulbeckwith

Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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2 Responses to Earth’s Largest Living Structure IS Dying

  1. aogrinaker says:

    Dear Professor I just wanted to point out something. All the creatures on this planet are different. Coral reefs are like the canaries in the coal mine. Plankton follow these creatures, they are linked in so many ways. If the oceans rises man and all the life here will just move, but if we pollute the earth with so many toxins then we will perish with other life. We will witness much unwanted change. To study the physiology of the life on earth will give better insight to how bad it is, It will happen step by step, we need some kind of clock and this is a way to judge the speed of this event. THANK YOU


  2. Randall says:

    Degradation across the planet. One thing after another. People would change if real truth was thrown their way by a real governing world. But ya know how that is.
    Paul- I have been reading a lot of alarming permafrost articles. I have questions.
    1- can we say the PF IS AN ACTUAL ICESHEET ? Under a thin layer of topsoil??
    2- can we say that it’s losing mass ( sinking, drunken trees, etc. ) ??
    3- since it is melting, sinking, lakes dissapering, would not this add considerable to ocean rise ?? Or not enough to worry about??


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