Rap Guide to Climate Chaos


I first met Baba Brinkman in Lima, Peru at the COP20.  In Paris, at COP21 we reconnected and I arranged to have him be part of one of my press conferences, in which he did the Laudato Si rap, which was awesome–loyal and/or long time followers will definitely remember it:  ‘Rap Music and Moral Obligation On Climate Matters.

His new album is set to be released September 30th, and he making a pre-release page with four preview tracks available for public streaming at, The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, by Baba Brinkman (dk:  Really, really outstanding.  Just REALLY good).

His ‘latest album is now finished, after a marathon seven-month recording and revising process … the results are as epic as the subject’ which ‘the album explores…The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos takes you on an auditory journey through the science, politics, and economics of global warming, looking at it through the eyes of researchers, climate deniers, activists, the Pope, and many perspectives in between’  His ‘goal with this album’ was ‘to alert people to the scale and urgency of the challenge, and also to create a sense of optimism around what we can still do to remedy things’.
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Paul is again on Extinction Radio in their second of their newly reinstated series, included with today’s episode featuring Derrick Jensen.  His interview resumes with Mike Ferrigan in his sustained role as a ‘Regular Contributor‘ and thus promises to continue.

‘Conversation with Paul Beckwith’, starts at 1:42:26 mark (102:26), by clicking here.  About 14:09 long.  BTW, our very good friend Peter Melton is also amply featured at the 47:35 mark (about 27:33 long). [dk]

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My latest video, ‘Abruptly Shifting Sands of Climate Change’ // Published on Aug 23, 2016

As I trudged across the massive sand dunes in Jockey’s Ridge Park in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, just south of famous Kitty Hawk (location of the first flight) at Kill Devils Hill I thought that I may as well rant on abrupt climate change.

If my verbal tirade is somewhat disjointed and incoherent,then please forgive me. Perhaps it can be attributed to overexposure to sun, wind, heat and sandblasting?
———- ———-

14088773_1345461448815756_304464568_n      14081404_1343944208967480_1691591560_n.jpg

Putting the SUN to bed just south of Avon in The Outer Banks, South Carolina. It was too hot to hold in one hand, so I tried a basketball hold and it got away from me. A special thanks goes to my brilliantly talented photographer Edward…

Along side, another angle on the spectacular sunset.

14101963_1345463232148911_765322056_n      14081043_1344225115606056_1984317410_n

On the day before WWII ended, a German U-Boat was sunk just off The Outer Banks, North Carolina. This photo shows the salvaged hatch from the sunken sub.

Time to recharge, reflect on the massive shifting sands of time.


Confession. I took this (last) sunset photo exactly one year ago.  All others quite recent.


About paulbeckwith

Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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2 Responses to Rap Guide to Climate Chaos

  1. Dale Lanan says:

    Probability, that we’could walk so far out on the gang plank of Corporate design of $ isolation from consequence in the Ring Fencing operation of Earth to smithereens for the enlargement of Bank Corporate sand is like a beach next to Open Sea where fishes are surrounded by areas of lower O2, pH, and life.
    So to wit, let’s say an idea whose time has come at large cause a snap awareness to retooling us to SS Symbiotic (all hatches battened ~ no torpedo away aimed at beach from ope n Sea, bearing 2C Time ~ relative to restoring Ocean of Life flying straight and level again by masterful design of natural processes of checks and balances wit, open Sea… A Prayer of kindness to God w thanks..
    But who would stand and say it wasn’t apparent that the world should work in harmony with Earth.


  2. Dale Lanan says:

    Entire focus of world enterprise needed root core re-focus to Earth Real but the tangled web of entitlement and property rights, it doesn’t give room for remedy to Earth’s Extinction Event #6 that won’t allow a 7th because,, just because the physics of thermodynamic 2nd Law, system isolation vs the biosphere of Earth functioning as 3rd of Zeroth Law displays w entropy,

    But to the lever pullers of the world hydra of Corporate and boundary law let me be clear,, that quantum mechanics needs employing to ta ~ hope.
    The absolute nature of entropy rise force against Sea of Life function isn’t a test Closed System Midas Touch world can overcome but Open System can…
    Time isn’t negotiable, nor is the fact that perpetual motion machines like world system isolation of Earth’s Open Systems of Nature can last and enlarge under Corporate Bank of Earth Ring Fence.
    But let’s say the world snaps value to Earth Real instantly in a test of Open System dynamics hope and either harmonic resonance force at n+1 little guys all goes zoom > force of cascade failure X- or it doesn’t but at least we try and can hope, due to the alignment of work to physics at large ~2C Danger point of excess boundary.. Test of science given enterprise and hope Real w sound basis.


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