Biosphere Restoration To Save Our Souls From Climate Change


Biosphere Restoration To Save Our Souls From Climate Change // Published on Jun 19, 2016

A bunch of my friends generated this slide presentation that I walk you through here.

We clearly illustrate the dire state of global biomass (plants and animals; all living things). Our resilience is so poor, having lost 50% of our planetary biomass, that disruptions like a comet strike or super volcano would take-us-out; instead of merely causing a flesh wound.

Increasing existing biomass a mere 15% would significantly reduce CO2 in our atmosphere and oceans.

What are we waiting for???


About paulbeckwith

Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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2 Responses to Biosphere Restoration To Save Our Souls From Climate Change

  1. Dale Lanan says:

    The world’s soul is wrapped around the structure of monetary enlargement and power and room for enlargement has run aground against the reality of Earth’s carrying capacity and Open System divvied to bits and priced into the debt enlargement world of power.


  2. pinroot says:

    A meteor strike wiped out the dinosaurs, but a comet strike would be a flesh wound?

    Which 50% of our biomass have we lost? Could you provide a link? According to NASA, the Arctic is greening. Wouldn’t that help to offset the supposed 50% loss?


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