My last Six Paris videos, Tweeting Sharks and Shrunken Brains


Here are the last of the videos that I filmed in Paris. The COP21 that I attended there just over a month ago seems to be a vague and distant memory; not just for me but for a planet steamrolling itself over the edge of a cliff.

Every day we see signs of a climate system in chaos. Temperature in Brazil too warm and wet spreading Ziki carrying mosquitos to bite pregnant mothers causing severely shrunken baby heads. What a nightmare, over 4000 cases there, and now 4 in Canada (my guess is over 40 in the US, but nothing reported yet).

On a lighter note, I am literally following about a dozen sharks. They transmit their positions, and their movements are plotted out over time and tweeted out. They have even started following me:) Crazy world…
———- ———-

Brief thoughts at end of COP21 Paris Conference // Published on Jan 10, 2016

Hours after the Paris Agreement at the COP21 climate change conference was finalized; I give some brief thoughts in the main Press Centre.

Electricity in Air at end of COP21 in Paris // Published on Jan 10, 2016

I found a strategic location at the exit door to film delegates exiting the final COP21 negotiations which I was unable to gain access to. The excitement in the air was palpable!

Earth System Climate Science Overview // Published on Jan 11, 2016

I filmed this excellent presentation at the US Booth “hyperwall” at COP21 in Paris.

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Scenarios for Arctic Change and Global Consequences // Published on Jan 11, 2016

I filmed this presentation at COP21 in Paris. Jean-Claude Goscard talks at an EU-PolarNet event (ICE-ARC) on Dec 5, 2015


Earth System Satellite Information: Now and Future // Published on Jan 11, 2016

I filmed this “hyperwall” presentation at the US Booth at COP21 in Paris. It is a great overview of existing instruments on monitoring satellites, as well as future plans for launches.

Climate Change and Investment: Carney@Bloomberg // Published on Jan 11, 2016

I filmed this exchange between Central Bank of England head Mark Carney and ex-Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg on December 4th at COP21 in Paris.


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