Unspun: Ringside At COP21 With Climate Researcher Paul Beckwith


KKRN.FM of Round Mountain California’s “Unspun, An Experiment in Truth-Telling”
Doug Bennett conducted a particularly well done, professional quality interview with me in Paris Saturday night (Weekly Saturdays at 9 am PST):

‘Unspun attempts to cut through all the media spin by featuring some of the greatest Truth-tellers of our time and asking the questions that need to be asked, while taking listener call-ins.’

Here is the link to the excellent Podcast, 58:10 long:  ‘Unspun Ringside With Paul Beckwith, Climate Researcher, At COP21 – Paris‘, 12-05-2015.


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Extinction Radio Episode 37, Fri December 4th, 2015 here.  Click here at the 43:43 mark, to go directly to Paul’s segment.  Interviewed by Peter Melton.  Goes to 1:07:54 or 24:11 long:

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EcoShock Radio interviewed me Friday, so until this is conveniently shown at their site and/or published to SoundCloud, we duly share the link here.  As you know, Alex Smith is an absolute favorite interview of mine.
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[Immediate below is Paul’s 100th video.  That it occurred so proximate to his recent and most epic Climate Matters video is a great boon, and thus worthy of celebration…  FYI, for those sorts  who feel compelled to check such things, 21 of those are hidden.  dk]

Climate Change and Financial Markets: Carney & Bloomberg // Published on Dec 4, 2015 (7:11 long. Click Title at top, left of clock icon at R, to expand)

‘A clip on how risky climate change is to global financial markets, views from Mark Carney and Michael Bloomberg at COP21 in Paris’.
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Great news:  ‘PARIS — Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has been named to a group of 14 international ministers who will serve as facilitators of the COP21 climate conference in Paris’.
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Environmental campaigners say Storm Desmond is a sign of things to come‘ (Guardian):  ‘Ground already saturated by rain could not cope with the downpour of Friday and Saturday. The Environment Agency’s rain gauge in Honister showed 341 mm (13.4″) of rain fell in 24 hours from Friday evening at 6.30pm to the same time on Saturday.’
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The Chennai Floods Are a Devastating Preview of Unnatural Disasters to Come‘ (Slate):   ‘Right now, Chennai—India’s fourth-largest city with a metro area the size of Chicago—is paralyzed. Flooding from record rainfall—the heaviest in more than a hundred years—has cut off more than 3 million people from basic services for days. At least 270 people have died, and what’s happening should provide a cautionary tale to the world: Chennai is a new type of “natural” disaster, a preview of the Anthropocene, the idea that humans have become a geological-scale force of nature.’
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12316302_1159757927386110_4232656631535909640_n  12345433_1159757957386107_1965066839186990188_n

My Sunday in Paris!  And the old of history meets the urgency of vitally needed transformation  Its now or never for humanity.
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12360398_1159790067382896_2994125029730102181_n  12342630_1159789977382905_2256737308759107993_n

The City of Paris has gone all out to be a climate change place, not just near the COP21 site. On the walls of the underground metro (subway) system I came across the physical equations for AO-GCMs (Atmosphere Ocean Global Circulation Models). Very unexpected!
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Canada shocks COP21 with big new climate commitment‘:  ‘Sunday night, Canada surprised a world of nations and negotiators in closed-door climate talks in Paris by endorsing a bolder, more ambitious target for cutting greenhouse gases than the UN climate change summit is officially aiming for.

‘Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna told a stunned crowd that she wants the Paris agreement to restrict planetary warming to just 1.5 Celsius warming —not two degrees. It was the first time she has made such a statement.’


[Something right is happening here–23.5% of all of the 15,898 views at this site (two months) have occurred in the last seven days.  Based on growth and adoption, attaining 100,000 views gets moved closer to eight months forward–not in a year or thirteen months as was previously thought.

Great commitment on the part of Paul and his supporters generates this.  Thank you.  Paul, his major sponsors and constituencies, donors, and website, all combine to make this happen.  Thank you.  dk]
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About paulbeckwith

Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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