Flash Flood, SR58 Cameron Canyon Road

I am not laughing.  Hope you are not.  Yet at the same time, this is a small taste of what is to come.  We cannot go one as we are.  Striking 2:41 video at link.  Get out of car to certain death, or stay in, possibly insuring entombment then drowning?   Talk about instant decisions.   From which there is no return.  And no map?  You cannot practice or get experience, and life happens…

‘TEHACHAPI, Calif. – Watch as a car full of people are swept away in the flash flood that overtook miles of SR58 near Cameron Canyon Road.

Rhonda Trott said that as she was traveling home from Mojave to Tehachapi, the car she was traveling in was caught in the middle of flash flood along SR58.’
———– ———-

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Check out this amazing video of mud and debris in Southern


A truck driver traveling on Highway 58 near Tehachapi captured this unbelievable video // Oct 16, 2015

‘Jose Vargas can be heard asking someone to call 911 as the road in front of him is suddenly transformed into a rushing river powerful enough to sweep away cars.’

h/t from Kevin Hester at Facebook, to use his term, ‘the great unraveling‘: ‘California mudslides leave state reeling as hundreds of cars remain stuck‘.  ‘A section of southern California found itself waist-deep in mud as the weekend arrived, and a highway overtaken by flowing debris looked like a buried junkyard of hundreds of cars that would likely take days to dig up.

‘The worst of the thunderstorms had passed, but the continued chance of rain could dampen cleanup and relief efforts in northern Los Angeles County’s Antelope Valley, where the most serious slides occurred.

‘On Friday, rescuers and those stranded in the highway debris flow described a chaotic scene that somehow left no reported injuries or deaths.’

“It was terrifying,” 51-year-old Rhonda Flores of Bakersfield told the Associated Press. “It was a raging river of mud. I’ve never experienced anything like it, ever.”



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