How Climate Change has Turbo-Charged Hurricane Matthew

Amazing video, from the weather channel, ‘Why Hurricane Categories Make a Difference‘, linked here.



How Climate Change Amplified Hurricane Matthew // Published on Oct 6, 2016

I discuss how Hurricane Matthew is a much worse storm because of our rapid climate changed system.


Higher sea-surface and sub-surface water temperatures, rapid sea-level rise along the east coast of North America, from hot water expansion, glacial melt and Gulf Stream slowing, and larger storm surges from more powerful and larger storms are all worsened by climate change.

Matthews path is worse case, apart from a Cat 5 on a similar path hitting Florida lower, to trash Miami as well.
———- ———-

Remember when Hurricane Sandy did that incredibly crazy left turn and hit New York at the end of October, 2012. And now, in early October, 2016 Hurricane Matthew is buzz-sawing the Florida coastline.

Hmm…do 2012 and 2016 have something in common? Why yes. Mid-September of 2012 had record low Arctic sea ice, and this year it was second lowest.

No surprise to me. Rapidly darkening Arctic and temperature amplification is juicing up extremes of weather and climate around the planet.

14627847_1385138294848071_1102549502_n      14610816_1385138588181375_910516866_n

12:48 am                                                                 3:27 pm

14625315_1385138438181390_2136020404_n      14610579_1385138344848066_517302946_n

4:41 pm                                                                  10:54 pm

I show screen captures on my iPhone from the great app called RadarScope, as Hurricane Matthew approaches Florida and moves up the coastline on October 7, 2015. Times of image are on each image.


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Well known climate science educator; Part-time Geography professor (climatology, oceanography, environmental issues), University of Ottawa. Physicist. Engineer. Master's Degree in Science in Laser Optics, Bachelors of Engineering, in Engineering Physics. Won Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario gold medal. Also interested in investment and start-ups in climate solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Avid chess player, and likes restoring old homes. Married with children.
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8 Responses to How Climate Change has Turbo-Charged Hurricane Matthew

  1. Sorry Paul.
    As this paper from NOAA states, storm surges are mostly caused by winds pushing up sea water.
    The central depression of a tropical cyclone has very little impact on the storm surge.

    Click to access surge_intro.pdf

    Have a nice day



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  3. Dale Lanan says:

    It’s fortunate the eye was at Sea Just barely as the path of Mathew went between Cuba and Haiti and then up the US South East Coast. The storm -The storm threat at large is cat-a-gory entropy rise larger than Closed System debt based world of Man body Corp System Isolated profit v Real can endure. The Storm is in art of colors unimaginable ~relative to life’s evolutionary polite vernier
    – so last night among artists, collectors of art and world art in a set of a play under the momentum of the change of the seasons on Peak to Peak highway in earnest I asked what art of today will be to depict the event of transition to Open System in the world, but I could not ask it at large candidly because it is large at point of My Eyes Glaze Over..
    Onto home drive frighteningly I looked at the horizon of lights at the corner of 285 and 66 as it was in view and was immersed in thought as if dreaming of fury of what will be in relatively short order – but one should not perhaps drive and think of things so big and future impacts Eyes Glazed over..
    My better half literal and figuratively is Real and the Garden flying space in tie with art is wit flying.
    Storms of Hurricane Force have an affinity for Florida and so does the world of Politics to War $$. So for real we need to snap open a showdown to see if Open system alignment of world to Earth is , color enlargement of pigment Real in a Gale of pressure for undoing but internal resistance-NOT


  4. tony sinclair says:

    how will the health and welfare of the when high temperatures take their toll, can policy be changed more rapidly politically by frame #climatechange as health change.


    • Dale Lanan says:

      The health and welfare of Earth is tied to the Real health of mankind to be kind to Earth Sea, The Sea of Life that hosts ability of the Earth, type M planet to keep Open Systems of Nature Strong so as to remain habitable. This is a Large enough reason for Peace and full retooling of the world’s industrial might in alignment with new issue of Contract Law 2C where the value of work is Real to Earth Standing within HZ, Habitable Zone for future life.
      The world is currently debt based perpetual motion machine geared to profit taking error at the expense of Earth’s Biosphere and has drilled down on that for so long and hard we may not be within margin for error to undo acceleration of inability to create work with all energy and resources available eve of test of their will-to-live save for Open System jump


  5. Dale Lanan says:

    The corporate world of power is a bit nervous about uprising coming as Earth Extinction Event is locked in and design of corporate is system isolation of profit from consequence of the taking to $.
    The storm track of Mathew went over Haiti’s rice growing region that juts out into the strait w Cuba.
    The harm to the people living in this area I did not intend to slight nor the harm of man’s collective land use changes for profit, basically knocking out the diversity of the forests standing so i write “There is a strength given by walking in forest,, not the view as if looking at Earth for fun from L1.
    But it, the it -the worried corporate shadow gov of pecuniary system isolation pulls the plug on voices. So Let me continue with what I tried to post,, “There is a strength given by walking in forest, but the hand of man, the corporate world of cars and politics has hollowed out the standing forests of diversity and $ transformed them into the heat of corporate mercy.. The Corporate heat.


  6. Dale Lanan says:

    I wish to Create a Handle so communications//resonates harmonically at top of corporate-gov hydra in a way to see the jubilation of a one off trying to snap full force of enterprise to Earth.; This has standing in physics of heat transfer and at large in the uncertainty of quantum physics applied to time relative to Probability approaching one certainty at distance for the fun of it 2C..
    IN the poker game of politics-to-war the trump card is basically the for’ of the intelligence agency as the world of man insanely plays cards timidly with debt based notes system isolating Earth to bits in a bet that perpetual motion machines of the 1st order of Thermodynamics don’t up Chaos.


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